Bio: I am called Jack. I am an incarnation of all the Jack's that have ever been. My opinions and philosophies are a reflection of said Jack's. The blog is entitled Inglorious Resurrection because like you I have been granted yet another chance, and like you each chance granted becomes more degenerative than the previous. And like you, I yearn for a way out. Jack is my only glimpse of hope because there is a lil Jack in all of us.

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good Morning Jack,

    I didn’t realize at first to be insulted with this art statue of this art statue as black woman at first or what. However, after further reading and knowing that I as a black women or my ancestors were the mother of all mankind, and the gentle, but firm way you wrote your article eased my pain, and warmed my heart at the end.

    Thank you for your blog/story, and it is true all that you stated, but I/we persevere, because we are she; the true and beginning.


    Audrey Andrews

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    1. Excellent comment… I too was sensationalized by the art piece.. But I did some research into the artist who happens to be a black woman out of LA, I believe. Her motives and character really resonated with me and provided the catalyst for my article. I’m glad you enjoyed. I will be posting another article regarding affection from a black makes perspective later on tonight… Hope you get a chance to read it..


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