Go about your day… (A poem by Jack)

Twinkle twinkle..You shine.. 
We see, 

Take notice,

 you are unsure..

We capitulate, you remain humble..

We give honor, you go on about your day..
You walk with swollen pride, they don’t know why..

They confer among themselves.. They found out why, but would never allow you to know..
It’s funny.. Because you go about your day regardless.. 

Twinkle, twinkle.. You shine..

Maybe you may want to step back and lose focus.. Lose the concentration on the now.. And all the circumstances the now presents…

It’s all an attempt to dim the light..
Imagine a twinkle so bright the darkness would have no choice but to fear…. 


What good is imagination if you do nothing but go about your day..

If you can’t see the then coincidentally with the now… 

What’s the point of a twinkle at all…

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