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The Social Experiment…we all can join in!  (A blog by Jack)

I recently viewed the movie The Maze Runner… It is a movie in which a dystopian future is vaguely portrayed..
Individuals (All of which are young males except for one female who enters the settlement last, three years after the first male arrived.) are placed on a settlement with seemingly no way out.  The settlement is placed within giant walls, there is one opening in the wall that opens and closes on occasion throughout the day that leads to a giant maze.  The maze has been explored and no one was been able to figure a way out in the three years since they have inhabited the settlement. The young men grow content in living on the settlement, until a savior like person arrives and leads them off of the settlement by cracking the maze. A schism grows between the settlers because some experience Stockholm syndrome in which they identify with the settlement as home and it angers them that others want to leave. Once they finally escape the maze, it is recognized that they have been a product of some secret organization’s social experiment.
And this is the crux of this blog.. A speculative blog about the nature of esoteric knowledge.. God(s).. And government…
I have a relative who has been diagnosed as schizophrenic, he detest the monicker because he feels it provides a stigmatism along with it. He doesn’t feel he’s is schizophrenic, due to the fact that he does not “hear voices”. He claims that he sees implied thoughts, he describes it as a ventriloquist who can throw their voice, he can read the thoughts or hear the thoughts of people before they actually say it… Only problem is the people do not actually say or think what he believes they are–hence the diagnosis. Anyway, one of his big sticks is the fact that there are “overseers” who determine the fate of men. He claims that these “overseers” can grant technology, knowledge, and ideas to people in order to make particular people successful and withhold information from others to keep them restricted away from their “inheritance”.  Now these ideas and what not are communicated through signals communicated to the brain.  These signals are received through an “ear piece”. Of course he feels that the “overseers” in his particular region of America have kept him away from success because they feel he doesn’t have enough to “offer” so he seeks the help of other “overseers”. Overseers have the power to alter your appearance as well as intellect among other things. And if you took this narrative for face value, it would appear life then becomes one huge social experiment.  One in which we are placed in various circumstances, and given certain resources, and watched having our actions and reactions analyzed having conclusions drawn (for what purpose, who knows?).
This whole concept as well as the movie sparked some thought within me. The idea of “overseer” within divine connotation is not a unique one. We actually witness this within the Bible.  The very “God” that many of us serve negotiates a social experiment with his “Adversary”.  His adversary, Satan, has quite the unique relationship with God that he’s able to sit down speak with him as old friends would.  Satan proposes the fact that God’s followers only follow him because he provides so much for them.  Of course, God, in his pride disagrees and says my followers love me organically.  So naturally this must be put to the test. And this is done by way of God’s most faithful servant Job.  And of course, Job has no idea that he is involved in any type of test or experiment. But God’s servant, Job’s,  “faith” must be put to the test.
As the Bible would have it, divine entities: Satan and God meet and agree to place Job through a social experiment as a friendly wager to test his “faith”.
Now I’m not stating that there is any correlation between any of these concepts and relation to us as humans.  But you must admit, it does get you to thinking.  The Gnostic faith believes that our physical body is but a prison that enslaves our spiritual selves.  And if you do analyze the brief history of earth, as time passes and progresses, we as humans are the only beings who change relative to the circumstance that they are placed in.  A dog today has a similar nature to a dog millions of years ago.  A bear today will more than likely act the same as a bear a million years from now, despite any circumstance that they are placed within.  Because nature takes up natures course.  Yet, as a sore thumb, we stick out.  Humans today, act and think and behave differently than humans 30 years ago.  Americans may act drastically different than say a conservative Islamic-faith Iranian. It appears our behavior can be altered by any number of things, mainly ideals, circumstance and resources.  We are fickle and would make for excellent “test” subjects.
I am a very perceptive person when it comes to identifying men.  I’ve witnessed men who have the exact same characteristics of revered Hall-of-Fame athletes, yet because of the course their life has taken they are vile and wretched men.  I see what they could of been with just one thing going right as opposed to what they turned out being.
It all just kind of makes you wonder.  Could this all be but a game?
Are we all part of one’s social experiment?  In which the “chosen” are selected to proceed to the next level of the experiment, while those weeded out are condemned to eternal damnation?

Sublime ( a movie response)


Is a very layered and symbolic movie, It is intentionally designed for the thinking man.  In fact, the director describes the movie as a thinking man’s horror film.  The film is like an onion, in that it has layers on top of layers, and really, depending on what mind set you are bringing to the movie that which you derive from the movie will be different.  I will explore some of the themes that I felt spoke to me.

The main theme of the movie is FEAR.  The film explores the power of fear, and how fear drives our life on an subconscious level, which eventually bleeds over to a conscious level.  It shows how these fears swallow us up so much that they eventually become the sole purpose of our existence.

This movie is unique, in not so much that it is told from the Patriarchal-White-Male perspective, but that it gives this Archetype vulnerability—It finally gives perspective to the truth of this archetype.    That despite how much power it has assumed, it is helpless in so many ways, because fear dictates its actions. The film also makes a bold statement: that perhaps this archetype need not to exist in order to save the world. This film gives insight into the white male psyche, all of his fears, EXCEPT PERHAPS ITS GREATEST, is placed into one progressive narrative. The film is a purge of sorts that has many levels to it. I will delve into but a few, the same general themes that I like to embark upon, although, the ironic part about this movie was that there was no BLACK FEMALE ARCHTYPE in this movie (Which I hold true to be the White-male-patriarchal archetype’s antithesis) .

The story is centered around the main character, George Grieves. He is a liberal, upper-middle class white male. The day after his 40th birthday he goes in to have a routine colonoscopy, but do to iatrogenic complications he has a series of unfortunate occurrences. This is when the movie splits into its many dualisms.  The primary dualism is the narrative inside of George’s subconscious mind juxtaposed to the narrative of George’s actual life. In his subconscious life, he has a botched routine surgery that leads to him having his spleen removed erroneously, and he also gets staph infection leading to leg amputation. In his actual life he has a botched surgery that leads to him being thrown into a coma/vegetative state for several months.

The majority of the film takes place in the subconscious of George. Of course the viewing audience is not aware of this because, as a viewer, you are not sure what is real and what is not until the end of the movie, because the narratives are shown conjointly.

As in most of the movies I have commented on, the protagonist is casted in the light of Jesus or rather the Christ Archetype. At his birthday party before his surgery, he literally recreates the last supper scene with a photograph, with him being Jesus. He also received an olive tree, which is representative of the garden of Gethsemane, the final place Jesus roamed freely before he was captured and crucified. Even his botched surgery scar is located in the same place that Jesus was pierced by the spear while on the Cross.

In the opening sequence of the movie there are two paintings. Directly above his head when he awakens from a dream is a painting of Adam and Eve, and as the camera rotates there is a painting of an incubus assuming a dominating position atop a helpless woman. This theme is reverberated throughout the movie and recreated in various ways–always, George in the helpless role and various characters in the role of the incubus. The incubus, of course, is a symbolism of George’s fear. And George is a representation of the typical patriarchal-white-male archetype.

Now I will explore the FEARS of George as expressed in the film.

  • 1.  His number one fear is losing control (Power). In his actual life, George is well off.  He has a large house, is able to pretty much retire by the age of 40.  Even convinced his wife to stop pursuing her career and raise his kids—who are soon to leave the nest.  Yet, in the subconscious world he has no control.  He is completely bed ridden, and dependent on nurse and hospital staff for everything, to get around, to receiving nutrition, even to receive information as to what is going on with himself and the world around him.
  • A.  His Wife: in the beginning of the movie, during the “Last Supper” sequence his wife is depicted as Judas.  This fear of losing control of his wife is prevalent.  In fact, in the subconscious reality he ends up stumbling onto his wife having intercourse with the same doctor who botched his surgery, in the East Ward.
  • B. His Daughter: he is afraid of who his daughter may turn out to be. He raised a wholesome American girl.  Yet, in the subconscious reality his daughter brings a lesbian lover to his room, and she is actually the person who reveals to him that his leg had been amputated.
  • 2.   There is a male nurse in the film that is played by a strong black man. George is at first very skeptical of the man, but the skepticism turns into full blown fear very swiftly.  The black man is symbolic of the unknown, and every negative stereo-type that George has of a black male rolled up into one individual.  George asks the man what his name is and he replies that it is Mandingo.  Mandingo wears a bow tie, walks very prominently and is very stoic saying very little.  Until the final sequence of the movie, in which, he has quite a lengthy soliloquy.  He gives a diatribe confronting George about all his fears: saying that he is a representation of the disenfranchised, uneducated, under-cared-for, shoe-shining, under-privileged, under-class that has risen up to take back control.  He then begins a torture sequence which in turn allows George to be “freed” from his fears.
  • 3.    Losing his identity rather his place in the world. In one sequence shortly after his botched surgery. George has a dialogued with a masked man, who warns George of the dangers of the hospital.  Telling him that this place will strip you of your identity and dignity.  This eventually becomes true, because as the movie progresses, George becomes less and less in control.  And at one point he is completely emasculated and is called a “Kid” by the Mandingo character. George is afraid that he will lose his place in the Hierarchy of social dominance: on top of the pyramid.

 Another prominent figure in the movie was a female nurse named Chloe.  In the subconscious life she was responsible for George receiving the staph infection, because she accidentally cut his leg when transporting him for his initial surgery.  She ends up caring for George predominantly, and is his means of being transported around the hospital in a wheel chair.  She provides much of the answers to the questions that George ends up having, because no one else is around.  She is depicted in the real world as a relatively attractive young woman.  But in his subconscious life she is depicted as a sexy, flirtatious young woman.  Her attire becomes tighter, her dress becomes shorter etc.  She then becomes a representative of George’s fantasy. She is a living, breathing representation of George’s fantasies and desires.  At one point, after George is convinced his wife cheated on him, Chloe approaches him—this is near the end of the movie.  She is very appreciative George did not have her fired because of her being the reason his leg needed to be amputated.  George is helpless on the hospital bed and she begins to copulate with George.  She mounts him and is having sex with him while facing the opposite direction of him, she begins to disrobe and on her back is a tattoo of the “Tree of Life”.  George asks her what the tattoo is and she reveals to him what it is.    Shortly after this scene, comes in Mandingo. This is when he mounts George in a similar fashion as Chloe except that he is facing George.  George is even more helpless at this point; he cannot even speak because he has a feeding tube in his mouth. This is when he begins his soliloquy about being the sum of George’s fears.  Before he begins to torture George he hops off and pulls back a curtain to reveal the patient next to the George. It is an individual wrapped from head to toe in bandages, the person’s arms and legs are missing and they are badly disfigured.  Mandingo has a blade in his hand implicating that this disfigurement was done by him.  He then flips the body around and the “Tree of Life” tattoo is displayed on the characters back and George realizes it is Chloe.  Mandingo then remounts George and rips open his shirt and the “Tree of Life” tattoo is displayed on his chest.

The implication of this sequence is powerful and layered.  On one level, you have the idea that George’s fears were such a powerful force that they literally dismantled his fantasies.  He allowed his fear to be the most powerful force in his mind.  His “Tree of Life” no longer sprang forth from his fantasies but became hijacked by his fears.  Also, there is the homo-erotic aspect to the scene–George feeling emasculated and totally helpless in the presence of a Black man, and that Black man confronting him with all the ills that he has placed on society–“he” of course being a representation of the white-patriarchal-archetype–and Mandingo being a representation of the original man or all the exploited people of color around the world.  This foretelling one of the white-patriarchal-archetypes biggest  fears– that the disenfranchised will eventually rise up and destroy the “The American Dream”.

At the end of the torture sequence, Mandingo told George that he was now empowered and set free.  George then immediately limped out of the bed, hobbled to the window, and jumped to his death.  As he died in his subconsciously life he flat lined in his real life. (The as above so below concept) Ironically, enough this fulfills the Jesus or Christ Archetype.  Christ had the power to save himself but allowed himself to be killed (suicide) as George was burdened with all the fears of the world and he “freed” himself through death.  This film alludes to the fact that this white-male-patriarchal archetype needs not exist as well as it’s illusions of the “American Dream”.  This film clearly implicates, that this archetype needs to be sacrificed as is and re-birthed anew–and to take on a new role.  No longer, avant-garde of society but that of willing participant.

All in all, I found this to be an excellent film for the thinking man.  Although, I found it interesting that this film did not have the Black-Female Archetype. –Which coincidently, this film chose not to touch on any aspect of spirituality.  Which if you have read any of my past blogs; you understand that I feel the Black Woman is the mother/guardian of spirituality.  The fact that there is no black-female character in this film and no mention of God is no coincidence at all.  I just found it very glaring that the creator of this film chose not to acknowledge either.  That which is actually their greatest fear they chose not to put into the film.  That which could cause the sum of all their other fears to come to fruition was not put into the film.  Ironically enough, It also could have been the one thing that could have saved George from being swallowed by his fears–spirituality.

To me, that says so much.  But that is another blog, for another day. 

Human Zoo… Country of Apes.. (a blog by Jack)

A few months back I was gifted a trip to Disney World– a very interesting place indeed. It was a weeklong trip, and I was able to spend one of the days at the Safari Park. As I observed the various encaged animals, I found it remarkable that these wild beasts remained so calm. I immediately assumed that the animals had to be sedated– I inquired this of one of the park workers and he quickly assured me that they weren’t. So I asked him how the gorillas remained so calm. He replied, well, we keep them well fed and they generally remain peaceful when they have no needs.

This concept as well as its implications juggled the old marbles. On a basic level, man and ape share similarities. I thought to myself: are humans not so different… These were seemingly wild animals placed in a “cage”(rather limited living arrangement) yet they were able to peacefully cohabitate…

What makes us as humans so different?

Are we not as civil and critically thinking as gorillas?

Can we not respect each other and each other’s space and peace of mind?

Or maybe it’s the “well fed” concept that’s missing. Perhaps it is the fact that we as humans are not all “well fed”, and that keeps this monster called society ticking. Perhaps the fact that we aren’t “well fed” unleashes a savage-primitive nature within us–cultivated, yet still savage. Perhaps the fact that we aren’t “well fed” keeps the economy going.

I have a personal philosophy: “Low self-esteem drives the economy”. Many of top markets within our economy are in direct appeal to man’s vanity (cosmetics, clothing, luxury items, etc.).

Albeit to directly correlate man with a gorilla is a gross oversimplification. And an insult to the complexities of what it means to be a human. To keep a gorilla “well fed” is quite a simple task. It simply depends on having the proper quantity of food and environmental stimulus. On the other hand, keeping a human “well fed” involves a bit more. Most humans (not all) are three tier beings. Beings of mind, body, soul (which houses the individual spirit) — thus to keep a human well fed involves more aspects. Each of these aspects of the human must be addressed– as a trinity they grow hand and hand: lending to each other’s growth through a synergistic reciprocation.

Thus, the fact that man isn’t at peace among man directly speaks to his deprived nutrition in one if not all of these areas.

Without enough physical food we know the length man is willing to go to eat. A man will have no qualms about killing another man over bread– over his livelihood. This can be noted in various mediums of artistic expression– whether it be through movie or song.

Without enough mental stimulation we know the harm that this can do as well. Just take a look at the youth who are under stimulated in school. They often find destructive outlets to manifest these bottled up mental energies– often expressing itself in the destruction of the community or themselves somehow.

The most critical of man’s needs is spiritual food. When fed properly it allows for the other two outlets to be pursued harmoniously– it creates a balance. When man understands the spiritual nature of him-self and begins to develop it on the smallest of scales, his physical and mental energies begin to generate healthy outlets naturally. These mental and physical energies are automatically directed towards spiritual growth– love, benevolence towards others, ingenuity etc. And this is what happens when man simply begins to understand that he is a spiritual being.  A gateway begins to open which actually enacts spiritual growth—which involves so much more (healing aspects, mind over matter, insight, foresight, manifestation, etc.) But without the basic of awareness of who one is these spiritual avenues can never be pursued, or pursued in healthy manner.

So perhaps we aren’t so different from the ape. Another caveat I failed to mention is that the male gorillas were separated from the females. This places too many other variables in the mix– because then the variables of love, desire, and procreation come into play. And these variables would convolute the discussion.  But for simplicity sake, I do believe I made my point.

Perhaps if we as a society received more spiritual nutrition, many of our afflictions would cease to exist.


Alpha Male vs Beta (Why the Beta man wears the crown..)

Alpha Male Vs. Beta Male:

“How can those women fight over such a loser?”

“They are fighting each other and looking foolish when really they should be fighting him?”

“What’s he got that I don’t got?”

You often hear these phrases or phrases such as these uttered from the lips of so many. You may have uttered them yourself, and sat in awe as to why some women would be so foolish as to give their “all” to some “unworthy” individual. Even to go as far as fighting a complete stranger for their prized possession.

The following discussion may shed some light on the phenomenon—depending on your perspective.  Allow me to set a precipice for our discussion.

We live in a multi dimensional reality. Allow me to define what I mean by such. We live in a superficial or sentient reality that constantly has to reinforce its value structure upon us—the individual, and exert itself upon society as a whole. We also live in an actual reality that is hidden behind the superficial reality but prominently exerts itself upon us—because it is who we are. The two coincide and often clash for one is constantly trying to circumvent the other and prove that which is false.

I entitle the superficial reality the matrix. It is a holographic universe—an illusionary universe built on commerce—the commodity of goods bought and sold.  This reality’s infrastructure is built on the free flow of the commodity market. In this reality, the worth of things is based on a dollar amount. Every item and every transaction has a dollar amount. Even to the point that time equates to money. People become only worth as much as the amount of revenue that they can generate for the system—the matrix. Labor is bought and sold, ideas are bought and sold, services are bought and sold, items are bought and sold, dreams are bought and sold, love is bought and sold, women/men are bought and sold, children are bought and sold. In this reality everyone and everything has a price. This is the reality that we are taught from birth–the reality that is so vigorously instilled in our heads throughout out our matriculation through the institutions of education. It is constantly reinforced through media, entertainment, and pretty much any outlet that you can name.

And then we have the actual reality that is in completely juxtaposed– one that remains perfectly hidden in plain sight. And this is the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human existence—rather some of us are spiritual beings having a human existence. This existence does not place “values” on the individual. This reality knows very little bounds if any and is forever changing and evolving, but its basis stays the same. It is a dual reality– one of physical existence coinciding with that of a spiritual existence. This creates a dualism in itself. This is because these two realities are merged through mediation, by the instrument of the brain, through the function of the mind. Thus you will have individuals with great physical prowess that are deemed alpha and those with great spiritual prowess that are also deemed alpha. One translates very well in the holographic universe the other isn’t always as evident.

These precepts form the basis of our discussion. How is one defined as alpha and how is one defined as beta?

In our current state of existence the idea of an alpha male is very muddied.  The term doesn’t hold wait because the individuals that comprise our society have so many different value structures. You have some who hold money as omnipotent and will deem those with money as alpha males to be revered.  These same people will look down on a man without possessions as being “worthless”.  Some will hold a great athlete in high regard and deem them as being alpha, because of their great physical prowess.  Yet others, will uphold some great musician as being alpha, because they have such a great talent intertwined with a captivating aura—ie more intuned with their spiritual side.

So who indeed is correct?

Is it subjective? –Arguably.

I offer this commentary.  Anything that the holographic universe holds up on a pedestal is more than likely a falsehood.  Individuals have input a system in the place that has allowed them to accrue vast “wealth” and “power” through this current economic structure.  These individuals are seemingly “God’s” of the system because they have the ability to manipulate and dictate so much.  This is counterintuitive to the natural principle of survival of the fittest.  It places a corrupt variable within the equation—which doesn’t allow the fittest of body and spirit the flourish–but the fittest of manipulation to flourish.  And I would argue that these individuals and blood lines are the among the very weakest among us which is why they require this system to survive and maintain their power.

I digress, many among us in society have gift that aren’t necessarily able to be commoditized.  In such, these gifts are never fully developed, never recognized, and often seen in a negative light.  For example, take your typical child diagnosed with “ADD or ADHD”.  This is a phenomenon not understood by society but is treated as something negative that needs to be “solved” with medicine.  When in actuality it could something in the exact opposite light.  It could be a child with such a hyper developed mind that there is no way they can sit still and incur such a remedial –retarded manner of education that the school system forces upon our children.  Their mind is racing to infinity and back and the teachers teaching are stuck on “123” & “ABC”.   This is just one example of many.  We as a society are taught to kill anything not able to be made into a commodity.  In essence we kill everything spiritual unless it is spiritual convenient—ie religion which happens to generate billions upon billions.

So, I believe women tend to be more in tuned with the intuitive: their “feelings”.  Thus they will tend to pick up on these gifts with an individual unknowingly and unwittingly and take a liking to said individual-which brings us full circle.  Perhaps they are not fighting over a “worthless” individual.  Perhaps they are fighting over someone who is really special–someone who is quite the opposite.—someone who has been psychologically traumatized by society.–someone who doesn’t understand their gifts.  Someone who has been convinced their gifts are worthless and have in turn internalized this sentiment and outwardly manifested this pervading motif.–someone who hasn’t found motivation to succeed in the holographic reality and appears to be a “waste”.

This argument provides insight as to why the Beta male wears the crown.  There are many launch points from here that can be expounded upon.  But I will leave it here and leave those thoughts for another blog.


Thank you for reading and your responses are welcomed.

Does the sport make the star or does the star make the sport? Black Stars Burn Brightest…

It is without doubt that Professional Sports plays a major role in the lifeblood of America.  It does everything from pushing the economy forward,to providing heroes for the youth to aspire towards, to galvanizing entire regions across cultural lines.

Yes, America loves its Sports.  Some may even go as far as to say that the ritual of Sunday football has replaced the ritual of attending Church. The energy once used to worship “God” has been averted to the anticipation, elation and praising of football teams and their stars.

Indeed America loves its sports and the stars that they produce.

2015/01/img_4161.pngAmerica loves its athletes.  We are no different than any other civilization, just like the Romans of yesteryear, we hold our Gladiators in High Esteem.  In fact we hold our stars in high esteem no matter what arena they participate in.  As long as they are an entertainer, there will be somebody that can relate to them and there to give praise.

The argument arises, does the sport make the star or does the star make the sport.  Conventional thinking would lead one to believe that no one person is bigger than the sport.  Like David Ruffin and the Temptations no one part can thrive without the sum.  But I would beg to differ.  Perhaps no one single person can persuade the game one way or another, but a subset can have a tremendous impact on the popularity of said sport.  And I have food for thought, that may offer strong persuasion.

Let’s look at the most popular sports in America, currently Football reigns supreme; followed by basketball and at a distant third baseball.  There was a time when Baseball claimed the thrown, and then it struggled to keep it but eventually capitulated and gave way to the current king–Football.

But Why?

Is it a direct result of a shift in the demographics of America.  Is it due to the fast pace society that we live in and the American continuum wants a fast pace sport to parallel its pacing.  Or is it something subconsciously deeper than that.

Follow me, America has an affinity for its stars and in particular its Black stars.

2015/01/img_4162.pngLet’s look at a low hanging fruit—Golf.  I don’t have the numbers but I can definitively correlate the spike and decline of golf with the oscillation of Tiger Wood’s Greatness.  He single handedly brought the sport from the rungs and gutters of popularity to the forefront of American Consciousness.  As his “Scandle” ensued and his decline in play sprang forth as did the popularity of Golf.  Just look at the ratings.

America loves its Black Stars.

2015/01/img_4163-0.pngLet’s take a look at the sport of female tennis.  Can we say it received a jolt of enthusiasm with the influx of a certain two sisters?  I’m not even sure how much relevance the female tennis world captured without that shining Eastern Star Serena and her sister Star Venus.

America loves its Black Stars.

2015/01/img_4164.pngBasketball  was a sport on the fringes of being popular.  A sport with an identity crisis, it didn’t know if it wanted to be great or not.  Back in the 80’s the NBA was on the verge of something special with star power of Bird and Magic.  These stars shined indeed but they weren’t enough to bring the NBA to the Billion dollar business that it is today, sitting comfortable in the royal court of the King–Football.  No—it was arguable the brightest black star of all time—the marketing creation of one Michael Jordan.  This bright star single handedly carried the NBA on his back–the Tiger Woods before Tiger Woods.  Before him, 100 million dollar contracts were unheard of.  He parted the Red Sea and allowed for the NBA to ascend to the peak of its popularity.

America loves its Black Stars.

2015/01/img_4165.pngFootball—the king in this sports jungle.  Now football is a bit of an anomaly I would admit.  It is a sport flooded by Black stars but you can honestly say there is no polarizing figure.  In fact, it is a sport that hails its white stars.  Yet footballs popularity didn’t increase until it received an infusion of Black athletes if not stars.  The 80’s is when football first spotted it’s opening for the crown, but it wasn’t until Baseball, former King, exposed its chink in its armor.  A sport that thought it was too Big for its Black Stars, which eventually led to its downfall.  Yet as we see today, football sits atop its thrown gazing over its kingdom as it embraces its litany of Black Stars.  And baseball looks at what was, and like a scorned lover: looks back on what could have been.

America loves its Black Stars.

This brings us to Baseball, “America’s Past Time”.

2015/01/img_4166.pngWhat happened to Baseball?

Suicide happened. –Self-inflicted misery by way of Pride. I will tell you what happened, Baseball and the powers to be got fed up.  It got fed up with its Black stars.  It became fed-up with the arrogance of seeing these young Black Stars shining so brilliantly.  It grew tired of these young flashy, wealthy, insolent stars.  It felt, man, talent is multi-cultural; I can replace these egregious, haughty black stars with colored stars from another land.  Yah, that’s it…I’ll go down and get these Latin American stars that look the same and play the same and we’ll teach them.  But its plan backfired.


Because  America loves its Black Stars.

Key word being “its”.  Not someone else’s Black stars, America loves its Black Stars.  I would argue that the decline in Baseball popularity is a direct result of its systematically ushering out of its Black Stars.  The same arrogance and haughty nature it despised is the same arrogance and haughty nature America seeks to embrace.  We love our Dennis Rodman’s.  We love our Dion Sander’s.  We love our Mike Tyson’s.  We love to hate our Lebron James’s.  We love our Charles Barkley’s.  No matter what form or fashion they come in—we Love our Black Stars.

There is a deeper issue here as to why this axiom is true, but that is for another blog at another time.

Baseball should take it as a lesson learned.  Although, without the sport there would be no superstar one could clearly see that without the superstar the sport doesn’t quite shine.

Sticks and Stones… But words will never.. (A blog about the parasitic function of Language)

Language: what is its true purpose? Is it a symbol of man’s progression or the ultimate reason for man’s stagnation?

The following commentary is a reflection upon a statement I heard during a lecture– regarding English as being a bastardized and duplicitous language.

This blog is also a reflection upon a 1970’s article exploring mush mouth and jive talk and why it is a necessity and of importance to the English language.

The evil of language…

I will begin with a powerful allegory that believe to be true in so many ways. The Biblical story of the “Tower of Babel”. If you’re not familiar with it, it involves the Golden era of humanity. The people of earth were in harmony with each other so much so that they developed and enacted a plan to build a physical structure that would reach the heavens. God I’m his anger and insecurity both destroyed the physical construction and confused the people by giving the people different languages.

This story,whether you hold it true or not, speaks volumes on many levels. It’s implications are profound and I will touch on a few here.

I must set a few precepts. I stand on my philosophical conviction that we are a de-evolved species. As is my belief we were once androgynous beings who communicated without the use of language. As such, the Book of Genesis within the bible hints at man’s androgyny with its dual creation stories. As woman was separated from man… Implying they were once one… But that is for another Blog… This blog’s concern is the nefarious nature of language and the function it provides within a socially engaged community.

Above we have story– a myth of the “Tower of Babel” which I categorize as an allegory of some type. In a way it transcends allegorical function in my mind. The primary focus is the fact that we have man on one accord. This implies that there was peace throughout all of humanity, because you can not built in times of tension or stress because you are focused on defense and paranoia. You have man in such harmony that they intended on taking their “humanity” to the level of “God”.

And how is this done?

By creating a “physical structure” that will allow them to attain that which is of “God”– “Reach the realm of the Heavens”. Now, the Bible would allude that this physical structure was a physical manifestation of Brick and Mortar… But I would ascertain that the physical structure was of the human form and body–as above so below. I’d argue that man was so in-tuned with the collective consciousness of each other that they were quickly rebuilding themselves and ascending both physically and mentally to a higher level of humanity. So much so that they garnered the attention of “God” himself– and I say himself loosely. Because the text says let “us” go down and confuse them.

What was “God’s” response.

That of jealousy, rage, and fear. He decided to destroy the tower, and confuse the minds of men– only leaving them with scattered languages to communicate with themselves. The implications of this is quite prolific. Here you have an “omnipotent” being feeling vulnerable. He felt threatened as though he could in a sense be surpassed by man. His best defense is to crumble the physical structure that man has created and destroy the mental, psychological and psychic solidarity that man created– as above so below.

I believe this was done by first creating a schism in the minds of men; followed by creating a schism in the bodies of men– no longer united we have both man and woman.

Yet I digress because this blog is about the duplicitous nature of language and it’s undermining of men’s social interaction. The barrier of language keeps men grounded and in a barbaric state of being– communicating on the most fundamental level. Even grunts posses more soul than a monotoned string of syllables.

This conviction provides the precepts for this Blog…

Language is the undoing of man. Language has single-handedly provided the tool that has led to the destruction of man’s cohesiveness. The function and nature of language allows for so much room for error and manipulation. Language extracts an idea or image or symbol from a source, transfigured that into words, and those words are then interpreted by a subjective source– and a meaning is contrived from this interpretation. If you have ever participated in the childhood game of “telephone” you have an inclination as to how easily things get muddied in translation.

Language is often the basis for class distinction. If you are perceived to speak with a certain drawl or slang you are automatically put with a social paradigm. A box that may or not be accurate, although some willing place themselves with this box by choosing to speak and act a certain way.

And then you have the nuance of dialogue–in which some innately seem to transcend language. They choose not to be restricted by the chains and rigid structure of language and they tend to take language to the next level. They do this subconsciously without even knowing– they begin speaking in slang creating their own vernacular. They begin to remove syllables and shift around syntax and generally accepted grammatical notions. They begin to speak with feeling, often slurring words or placing emphasis on tones and inflections. Essentially grabbing hold of the language and using it as their own tool. And this too is frowned upon by those higher on the social ladder of society because they can’t understand. They fear the slang, they fear the code talk because you can’t control what you don’t understand. But either way you splice it–that is but another rift created between men.

Ideas are transported between men. Ideas are limited to the language that describes them. Essentially if a word doesn’t exist describe a notion the notion can not exist. Language so much defines our reality– it restricts and binds the minds of men. Often keeping men within stereotypes and predictable roles.

And that’s just tip of the ice burg because then you have the written word. The written word has tribes all unto itself as well. You have scientific language, which differs from computer tech language, which differs from liturgical language, which differs from legislative language, which differs from ecclesiastical language yet all these different branches are supposed to work together somehow. And come together to work for humanities benefit.

Perhaps I will delve deeper into the discussion of language in another blog.

But I’ll leave you with this. Who stands to benefit from the division of men?

Who is the master of the tongue? If you control the words that are placed in people’s minds…. Do you also control the actions that are a result of those ideas?


Dreams… More reality than reality?


Serve many purposes…

The nature of dreams has always been an enigma to man. Some chalk them up to a vivid imagination and nothing more. Others say that they are a means for the subconscious mind to bring to consciousness any number of deep seeded issues. Still, others find it as a means of premonition– efforts of the universe to communicate some ground breaking idea or vital piece of information.

I find dreams very helpful, and have probably used them in all three of the above facets. Once I became fascinated with my dreams I would write everything that I remembered about them upon awakening. I still attempt to do this but not as frequently. I’ve learned much about myself through dreams. My fears… And what would push me to overcome them. I’ve been myself in dreams, omniscient narrator in dreams, I’ve even been other people of other races of other time periods…I’ve been in the future–the past. I’ve died–I’ve killed. I’ve received story ideas via dreams.

I’ve had a wide range of dreams, but one sticks out in particular. I will recount here:

I originally had this dream back in December of 2012.  I’ve attempted to analyze this dream on many occasions and have drawn inferences.  It has  revealed truths to me on a variety of levels.  The dream was very vivid and impressionable. In fact, it is impressed upon my psyche until this day.

It is as follows:

We are in the middle of a desert, my father and I.  It isn’t a sandy desert, but a barren, dry desert with nothing surrounding us.  There isn’t anything near us with the exception of a tool shed like structure. I remember my father having plenty of keys. I don’t remember if the sky was moon lit or the sun was beginning to set, but there was limited light outside.

My father unlocked the door to the shed and I followed him in. As I walked into the small shed something to the left immediately caught my eye.  On the left side of the shed there was a cabinet fastened to the wall and it covered the entire wall.  It was a cabinet that was not encased with glass but with a metal mesh, it too had a lock placed upon it.

My father allowed me to look at the cabinet and study what was inside.

The cabinet housed a variety of figurines.  All of which were dark and demonic in nature.  No two were alike. They were each very small and frightening but they were not figurines.  I could tell that they were very much alive, just deactivated, dormant, or sleep in a sense.  I could feel the energy from these little specimen and I experienced a small rush of fear but became relieved because they were locked behind this mesh.

My father then grasp the keys in his hands as though he were implying a transference of power.  As though he were the guardian of these demons and I have come of age to take on the responsibility.  He then ask “Am I ready to take care of it?” I know that I didn’t respond immediately and I didn’t respond with a whole lot of confidence.  I acquiesced and I remember him asking me several more times as though reiterating the pertinence of the matter.  He then hands me a contract and I sign it not fully aware of the complexity of the situation.  It felt like something I was supposed to do. From there the dream sort of fades out and I don’t remember much.

I wrote down my immediate thoughts upon awakening from the dream. They aren’t so much coherent but are as follows:

God of Old==>Father.

Leads to Shed==> Helter Skelter==> Subconscious

In the Shed==>Figurines==>Demons==> Tools of the Old==> Warriors==> Killers

God of Israel==> Fallen God==> Power no longer what it was==> reduced to mortal means==> For me to control Legion==>What does this mean?==> Crazy Man==> Who am I?

So what does one do if the Devil asked him to look after his legion==> The power to become Devil/God lies in your hands==> It is a matter of perception…

Angel of Death==> Delivers destruction regardless of circumstance==>Despite who sends him –same result. So who you are is not a matter of title or action more so perception.

I do have to say.  When I awoke from the dream, I felt extremely empowered and privileged.


That dream occurred a little over two years ago. I reflect back on it from time to time because the dream was so poignant.  It left a lasting impression and my more recent thoughts are as follows:

I found it quite interesting the symbolism regarding the transference of power and what power actual is.  The power wasn’t so much in releasing the destructive force but in restraining the destructive force.  I found that concept extremely revealing.  The act of restraint is a God like act in itself.  Another concept that I noticed is that once the destructive force is released, there is no viable way of reharnessing the destruction. Although I had the means of releasing the destruction I had no means of controlling the chaos or result of the chaos once it was released.  And the fact that I experienced some fear implies that I wouldn’t necessarily be impervious to its harm.

It provided the perfect duality of man–both God/Satan rest in the matter of choice.

The dream spoke to me on many levels and above are the levels that I am comfortable sharing with the public.  The other messages I will keep to myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read the post.  Any thoughts are more than welcomed. I’ve used my dreams for many means, including a source of inspiration for story concepts as well as poetry and more.


Creativity (Is it yours… Or ours?)

It is said that we do not see with our eyes, but with our brains. Our eyes merely act as a lens to what we can perceive. Our brain can only see as much as our range of perception.

As I stated in a previous blog, I do not believe as human beings that we are creative beings. I do not believe that we can be the impetus of anything creative. Creativity implies that we can spontaneously create something out of nothing. I do not believe that we create anything in any arena of life from art to children. All that which we presumable create is merely the end result of a chain of occurrences—that being manifestation on this physical plane of existence the final result. We are merely conductors or purveyors of ideals and objects deemed creative. I believe all minds are unique and operate on different frequencies. Some minds are able to perceive beyond what the “typical” mind can perceive, their range of perception is oriented differently. They become a purveyor of that which is outside of the superficial. And by superficial I mean the things by which have their bases in this physical realm.
I do not believe everyone has the same level of access to this realm, so each of our conductors are all important and add something to the collective consciousness. They may pool from the same pool of information but the manner and things attained are unique.
Even though I do not believe that anyone is creative, for simplicity purposes I still refer to these people as creative individuals. These people include: poets, writers, scientist, artist, doctors, technologist, etc. — pretty much anything that draws upon ideals that are outside the grasp of the common man. These individuals have gifts and it is to up to them how they cultivate these gifts and by what means that they use the gifts. They can be gods unto themselves and utilize these gifts for their own desires or they can be of the “Creator” and use these gifts to benefit those in need or the collective.
Why monetize your art when it could help expand the perception of another in one way or another? Can you put a price on the collective growth of humanity? Do you have that right? If so, that makes you a god–but of what nature?
I do believe there is a percentage among us who have gifts. There are those among us who have perception into realities that are beyond the scope of this physical realm but have complete consequence in this realm. There are plenty among us that have the slightest idea of their potential—and are often ridiculed for their “differences”. I do believe that the current manner in which our brain is wired creates much friction. It doesn’t allow many of these gifts to manifest properly. It doesn’t allow many of these gifts to cultivate properly. And this creates for many scars on the psyche of individuals and much of the psycho-somatic backlash within individuals. Many of these gifts are beyond the scope of art or what we typical attribute to being creative. Many of these gifts are necessary for the progression of man but aren’t yet ready to be accepted by the majority of man. For man fears collective change yet will always follow suit once change has proven right.
And of course there are always those who seek to profit from man’s state of stagnate.

My first time pondering about this topic was in 2006 while in college and is as follows: There is no such thing as imagination. There is nothing tangible that one can grasp in the physical realm. Imagination is a realm of its own, a realm of information–decipherable, purposeful and in existence. Men cannot and has not thought of anything “new”. All ideas, concepts, and beings are translated through the realm of imagination. They all are alive and exist but to what extent, where and why is the question. Man is not a creative being; man is a tool who has the ability to tap into many realms and one being that of the eternal source. There are other entities around us that do not have this luxury… Our outer layer of skin operates as a brain in function if you will–it receives information–this information is communicated through art, but isn’t decoded by the actual brain like typical information is gathered from the other 5 senses.–As above so below–cosmic information is gathered and sent through light–received through skin–hair–melanin–decoding and communicating this information is the gift. Being able to decipher and understanding this information is taking the gift to the next level. Utilizing this information to better yourself and others is taking the gift to the highest level.

Thanks for reading… Share your thoughts…


How long will we allow Religion to Rape our Spirituality…

The exploitation of spirituality by religions across the world…

Spirituality and religion are two realms that can be mutually exclusive but happen to coincide more often than necessary.   If I dare use this comparison: I view Spirituality as the victim of a psychologically abusive abductor in the form of Religion.  This may be quite a sensitive subject because, as Stockholm syndrome would dictate, we have fallen in love with our capturer.  We are under the illusion, a comfortable subjective truth, that Religion is dogma—that religion is absolute truth, that religion is our savior.  Since our capturer has provided all of our spiritual pfood, shelter, comfort, and fulfillment—it must certainly be the complete gamma of what spirituality has to offer.  We have identified with our capturer so much so that some of us have laid down our lives in the name of our religion.  Some of us have murdered in the name of our religion.  Some of us have stolen innocence and destroyed entire cultures in the name of our religion.  Some have sacrificed our first born in the name of our religion. So, what is this phenomenon known as religion and why is it distinguishable from spirituality?

Is there more to a spirit than what the constraints of language, imagery, expectation, and imagination can conceive?

I consider Religion a parasite.  A contrived parasite that has latched on to something very real that is spirituality– a living breathing entity that is constantly evolving.  As per my philosophy we (at least a fair portion of us) are light or spirit beings having a human experience.  However one may choose to articulate the matter: whether we be vibrational beings, energy beings, or light beings to me it is all leading to the same source.  One’s spirituality can not be denied or hidden.  Most have an innate sense that we’re here for a “greater purpose”.  Most have an unquenchable thirst to know “why” they are “here”.  The seed has been sown in all of us.  Now this journey to the source isn’t necessary easy or necessarily our purpose.  But religion has provided a gross over-simplification of a complex issue.


Religion has taken the concept of spirituality and held it hostage.  What is meant to be a means of freedom, a means of open communication of information, a medium of exchange, a medium of healing, a medium of empowerment has been replaced.  It has been replaced with strict dogmas that reduce everything to the black and white.  It has been replaced with spiritual atrophy. Man is convinced to disempower themselves and allow for their savior or external source to dictate the fates of their lives.

Many of the underdeveloped gifts that spirituality has bestowed upon us bleed through the oppression of religion.  There are revelatory gifts that some encompass in which religion cannot quiet.   There are untapped resources of physical self-healing that exist despite being taught otherwise. They call it the placebo effect—but it’s nothing more than the nescient or nascent ability of the mind to heal using our spiritual strengths.  Some of us have the ability to manifest our own futures by “speaking things into existence” and others have the ability of foresight (to know what is to come of us).  Ever been thinking of something and the person next to you seemingly reads your mind—and verbalizes what you were thinking?  Perhaps this was preverbal spiritual truth—how we as beings communicated before our de-evolution into our current state.

I do not know all of the gifts that our spirits have to offer but I am aware enough to know that they exist and have courage enough not to deny their presence.  But this is not an exposition of man’s gifts.  This is an exposition of how the regulation of these gifts has been used to victimize us.  How these gifts have been stifled and replaced with a rudimentary quality of life and existence. Some of the most powerful beings on this planet have the slightest idea of their potential.  Brilliant minds and brilliant souls are falling to the wayside. –And in the name of what?

Now I don’t want to completely condemn religion because it does have its place.  It can be the building block of something special.  It teaches discipline and can provide a launching off point of where spirituality can take us.  We all have various levels of intelligence and discernment and maybe religion can be something great for a portion of society.  But to deem it the end all be all is tragic– fatal. And it keeps the gifted among us from being valued, from elevating our species, and helping to repair our collective consciousness.

How do we break the chains of our oppressor?  How do we leave our oppressor if we love our oppressor?  Is being in captivity so bad if I’m being taken care of?

When one manipulates the possibilities of the inevitable it impedes growth.  When you start people off and dictate the end result of their life before they are even born there is no room for growth. Their whole life is oriented towards achieving one destination or avoiding the other.  Spirits are meant to grow, expand, engage, create, and so forth.  None of this is possible when the possibilities don’t exist in the mind…If the possibilities can’t even be fathomed.. The existence can’t even begin to be manifested…


Armageddon… The darkness behind the light… (a poem by Jack)


There’s an outcry of false injustice…

How can I be me… If you’re being me…

An echo of the original..

Steadily twisting and mutating my truth into a conception of miseducation…

Informing the world that your distortion and disfigurement is me..

Oh you liar.. Cursed is the minute I bore you and near is the hour of your punishment…

And you can’t hide behind a mirror… You can’t hide among the clones…
The soulless rebels you created who lack judgement and intuition…
They will not save you for they shall bow to me…

The original…

Every knee…
Every tongue shall confess…

As spirit envelopes spirit… And energy supersedes technologies… The vibrational atonement crushes logic… And you as well as your carbon copies will cry out for a savior…

And I will turn a death ear… Let your words and machines save you…let your logic and reason provide a way…

Evolve into your own savior… For a hollow mimicry of me will provide you no love… No peace… And no safe haven… Only your final resting place…

Those titans who were once banished… Those things that go bump in the night are all under our dominion… And if need be.. When enough is enough… Chaos will thrive til it can’t thrive no more…