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As you can tell, I have a passion for writing. I may not be the best writer but I am purveyor of fresh ideas.

One of which is to produce a series of graphic novels. My talent is crafting the story and writing, unfortunately I am not an artist–at least not in the visual or illustrating sense.

The first installment of my series of Graphic novels is tentatively entitled NcUms. It is a story arc that will be released across 3 different graphic novels. It will be one narrative that is a part of several other narratives that will eventually intertwine.
Below is a commission of the main character:



NcUms is the prominent character of the series. He is the loner type who has decided to withdraw himself from society. Although he tends to keep to himself he is quite charismatic. He has a sketchy past that has created an internal dissonance. While attempting to find a fulfilling purpose in life, a mysterious figure from his past reveals himself and sends NcUms into a spiraling world wind. It eventually leads him into a reality he never knew existed. A reality in which he must master in order to rectify his troubling past.

Aaron Minier (The artist that I commissioned)

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