Before Infinity and Beyond (A poem by Jack)

If I look back I see infinity… A lil further back I recognize pyramids…in aww at the wonders they’ve allowed me to explore… I look a lil further back and dragons.. I see myself encased in androgyny…

I gather a whiff… Engrossed is the spilled blood of my ancestors…

But the flame from the beast’s nostrils… Awakens me and draws us back to the present…

The flesh of my flesh witnesses it all… Has witnessed it all… And will continue to witness it all…From amulets… To chains… To marches.. To boycotts… To content.. To regression.. To invisible chains around the neck of a beast restrained…

Devoid of all distinguishable features…made less daunting… Stripped of noble stature…

Transformation of a lion to a common alley cat…

Yet the future is beyond the horizon… Not as close as some would like… But not as far as others should fear… A future that underlines the beginning… For all things lead back into themselves… Such is the nature of the Infinite…


2 thoughts on “Before Infinity and Beyond (A poem by Jack)”

  1. Hi Jack, You commented on one of my poems on Scribophile.

    I like this poem. The beginning of the poem is so captivating, and the ending is perfect for this poem. It ties it all up into a full circle. Thanks for sharing.

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