Can I define me? Or must the world…

You can’t let another man define your worth… This is the gravest of sins…

It causes much unnecessary pain… It’s very easy to be ushered down a path built upon the expectations of others… Even enslaving yourself to a path filled with your own expectations can be harmful… But to let the opinions and beliefs of others orient how you live your life is a life without freedom..

There can be freedom outside of comfort and stability.. There can be freedom in pain and uncertainty… There can be freedom in honesty… And where there is freedom happiness is sure to follow…

Yet to let another define your worth or anything of the sort is granting that person a power over you that they aren’t entitled to…
It’s as though they are god… And they are smiling down on their creation saying “I am well pleased..”

So how does one define themselves… How does one become comfortable with themselves without being rooted in some innate drive..

Is there a force within us all… A spark if you will… A gravitational pull that instinctively brings us towards our calling?

Can one abandon there calling without repercussion.. First one would have to discover their calling and acknowledge that it exist and have the courage to pursue it despite outside influence… Before that occurs one would have to know they have a calling to begin with…

Perhaps innately within some there has been placed a seed.. Cultivating… And awaiting the proper time to blossom… When that time comes no longer can one’s calling be hidden or even denied… Perhaps that calling is merely an impetus to push forth you as a person and us as a collective organism… A collective consciousness that is as fragile as it is durable…
We may not all be endowed with this seed…And maybe some do need to be dictated to and defined by others…But there is always a divergent percentage that are unique and unfortunately get lumped with the masses… The road is straight and narrow and a path less traversed…
But if you do feel unique.. Are you not obligated to fulfill that which endowed you with your uniqueness.. Should it not be seen as a gift rather than a burden? It is definitely a journey to find oneself… And as we all have our gifts… It adds to the whole when we reach out and exercise reciprocity… But it all begins with the individual and having the courage to define self..

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