Because the mind doesn’t Perceive… Does it not exist?

Many of our Ancient Brain Mental Faculties are falling by the wayside side…

And what do I mean by Ancient Brain?

I consider the Ancient Brain to be comprised of the subconscious mind…The instincts and genetic gifts that have been passed down via DNA since the origin of man.  It also includes a collective consciousness that we all share and binds us as humans.  As opposed to our modern brain which allows us to navigate through our current reality. Our modern brain is everything we’re conscious of and allows us to make our day to day decisions.

This entry is somewhat of a commentary on the opinions within the book The Human Zoo by Desmond Morris.  In his book he mentions something fairly obvious but an idea my mind had never grasped.  He expressed that as humans we essentially are living beyond our evolutionary scope.  As organisms we were designed to live freely amongst nature, among the trees, the water, the animals and open air.  Conventionally we live confined to a “prison” of brick and mortar essentially.  We wake up in a boxed room, we go to work in a box with wheels, we sit in a boxed room for eight hours (in some cases a cubical inside of a boxed room), then go home and derive comfort from looking at a box with lights.  We indulge in a surplus of foods that our bodies aren’t designed to handle.  And this wasn’t a slow build up: this is Pow! –A less than thousand year phenomenon.   We went from an active way of life for millions of years to suddenly a sedentary life style that over works our internal organs.

This modern world we live in has deprived men of many of their instincts and “gifts” that were previously seen as valuable but are no longer deemed as such.  I believe many of the mentally enigmatic are discarded in this modern world because of lack of “Necessity”.  This may be true, in this world in which we rely on technology to speak our truths and tell us what’s what. And define to us our very realities: from what will bring us happiness and fulfillment to who we see as our enemies. The mental faculties that were once harnessed and groomed for a particular purpose (not implying to know what that purpose is or was) are now discarded and thrown to the wayside.  I believe a lot of our “prophets” and “feelers” are either homeless or in mental institutions.  While others have successfully hidden their gifts in aims of integrating within society peacefully. And it’s easy to diagnose someone with a “sickness” or “mental illness” without having any frame of reference but the modern world that we live in.  The modern world where things have been made so simple and so black and white.  A modern world in which man has deemed himself god—all knowing—the judge of all.  But if we have outpaced ourselves physically on the evolutionary path who is to say we haven’t taken the inverse effect mentally–psychologically– spiritually.

Perhaps these mental outburst are life’s way of letting us know that we aren’t necessarily going down the right path. –That perhaps life isn’t all that we perceive it to be.  That perhaps there are abstracts that our five senses can’t articulate to our conscious mind but it takes a specifically oriented mind to even pick up the frequency. And because the majority can’t grasp this phenomenon we deem it as preposterous because after all we make the rules.  In the modern world we are judge, jury, and executioner.

The ranges of these gifts are very vast.  Some are more in tuned than others, some have more gifts than others, and some have greater degrees than others…Many have no idea how to harness these gifts or even have any idea that they have gifts.  It’s something we aren’t taught about within the modern world and something that if manifested is usually “cured” with a pill.  Simply because many of these gifts don’t have healthy means to manifest themselves they often time present themselves in an incorrigible manner.  A corrupted manner in which the perceiver has no practical means of understanding or managing the phenomenon.

I don’t claim to know the extent of said gifts or even the reason why said gifts do exist.  But I am able to recognize truths when I see them.  And because the observer doesn’t fully understand that which is being perceived, it doesn’t make that which is being perceived any less important or necessary or real.

Let those who can see...
Let those who can see…


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