Soft Shades of Blue….(A Poem by Jack)

Soft shades of blue
Such soft shades of blue
Caressing your unyielding passion

 Displaying the defeat
That enveloped your soul
Severe lost: suffering
This burden you yield
A truth withheld by you and none alike

Your aura…poisoned and capitulated

By the pitfall of your passion

 Away your glance burns
But the melancholy pervades
Inundating, now, my essence
Bypassing my soul
Enticing me to rescue

Lend hand…

Caress perhaps…

For naught
For only you and the blue
Can be

Submerged as one

You are: but for a moment: expelled into an eternal union…

 Farewell mistress of the blue…

An ode to an undergodess: may not be mine... 

Perhaps she's yours... 

An energy of a different nature...

I know of her naught by name... Only by title...And only by fate...For like the tide she leaves as fast as she comes... 

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