Are you psychic? This list will give you a good idea.

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Chelsea Damali

I get questions every day.  Yes, with readings, of course.  But I also get mentoring questions.  The most common of these questions is “Am I psychic?”  I found this list on that will help you at least pinpoint that YES you are if any of these apply, and then you can take the next steps, or we can take the next steps together.

am i psychic

Certainly, the below list is not complete.  There are many more types, but these are the most common, and identifiable right out of the gate.  There are many many MANY subclasses to these as well.  And know that it doesn’t just have to be one single ability you have.  More often than not it occurs in clusters of abilities, and the cluster grows with age.

I myself, am a clairvoyant, clairsentient, remote viewer, medium and empath.  My cluster is growing to include electrokinesis, telepathy, and a few…

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