Thin line between dreams and death (A poem by Jack…)

Sometimes I’m barely attached to this world.. As though hanging on but by a thin thread…
A thread a sanity… Or perhaps an allusion of reality… Either way I remained attached..
Suspended in time…
Afraid to detach… In fear I may float away… To some place far off.. And have no means of return..
So for now I hold on tight and look afar into the myth…
The possibilities… The translucent void… The haze of things that could be…
Dozing off into an imaginarium hoping I could see beyond the mist..

Asleep.. I Reach far into the slumber… Grip around the eye socket… And expand the eye of the third… Wink once with my fourth eye… And smile for some time with the fifth….

The horizons appear pleasant…

An explosion of emotion… None more justifiable than the next…just swimming with sharks… Mud sliding with the hippos til my next life passes me by…


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