Island Fever… (a poem by Jack)

Cold wind…

Tender face.. Listless embrace…

Heaven is on the other side…but my mind isn’t there right now.. It’s far off in another galaxy… Seeking a fallen sun, an illuminated earth.. And a forsaken moon…

Wondering how I too can make my heaven real… But my mind isn’t there..

It’s somewhere else… Somewhere thinking about it..

And “it” is the most accurate expression I can use.. Because it’s all inclusive and implies so much without taking away any..

So my mind is somewhere on it.. Trying to figure it all out.. But it’s impossible to speak… Because it knows no confinement.. So it just remains what it is… An infinite sea of thoughts… With no beginning and no end…

I sit as an island.. Formless and void.. But no man is an island… So I crafted myself a land mass of lies and illusion… So I too can be a manifestation… An island within a sea… A land mass broken off and floating somewhere near the coast of California..

And now I’m here..
With you..
In these words..
In your thoughts…
A glint in your tertiary lens…

Brisk wind…

With it on my mind…


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