Dreams… More reality than reality?


Serve many purposes…

The nature of dreams has always been an enigma to man. Some chalk them up to a vivid imagination and nothing more. Others say that they are a means for the subconscious mind to bring to consciousness any number of deep seeded issues. Still, others find it as a means of premonition– efforts of the universe to communicate some ground breaking idea or vital piece of information.

I find dreams very helpful, and have probably used them in all three of the above facets. Once I became fascinated with my dreams I would write everything that I remembered about them upon awakening. I still attempt to do this but not as frequently. I’ve learned much about myself through dreams. My fears… And what would push me to overcome them. I’ve been myself in dreams, omniscient narrator in dreams, I’ve even been other people of other races of other time periods…I’ve been in the future–the past. I’ve died–I’ve killed. I’ve received story ideas via dreams.

I’ve had a wide range of dreams, but one sticks out in particular. I will recount here:

I originally had this dream back in December of 2012.  I’ve attempted to analyze this dream on many occasions and have drawn inferences.  It has  revealed truths to me on a variety of levels.  The dream was very vivid and impressionable. In fact, it is impressed upon my psyche until this day.

It is as follows:

We are in the middle of a desert, my father and I.  It isn’t a sandy desert, but a barren, dry desert with nothing surrounding us.  There isn’t anything near us with the exception of a tool shed like structure. I remember my father having plenty of keys. I don’t remember if the sky was moon lit or the sun was beginning to set, but there was limited light outside.

My father unlocked the door to the shed and I followed him in. As I walked into the small shed something to the left immediately caught my eye.  On the left side of the shed there was a cabinet fastened to the wall and it covered the entire wall.  It was a cabinet that was not encased with glass but with a metal mesh, it too had a lock placed upon it.

My father allowed me to look at the cabinet and study what was inside.

The cabinet housed a variety of figurines.  All of which were dark and demonic in nature.  No two were alike. They were each very small and frightening but they were not figurines.  I could tell that they were very much alive, just deactivated, dormant, or sleep in a sense.  I could feel the energy from these little specimen and I experienced a small rush of fear but became relieved because they were locked behind this mesh.

My father then grasp the keys in his hands as though he were implying a transference of power.  As though he were the guardian of these demons and I have come of age to take on the responsibility.  He then ask “Am I ready to take care of it?” I know that I didn’t respond immediately and I didn’t respond with a whole lot of confidence.  I acquiesced and I remember him asking me several more times as though reiterating the pertinence of the matter.  He then hands me a contract and I sign it not fully aware of the complexity of the situation.  It felt like something I was supposed to do. From there the dream sort of fades out and I don’t remember much.

I wrote down my immediate thoughts upon awakening from the dream. They aren’t so much coherent but are as follows:

God of Old==>Father.

Leads to Shed==> Helter Skelter==> Subconscious

In the Shed==>Figurines==>Demons==> Tools of the Old==> Warriors==> Killers

God of Israel==> Fallen God==> Power no longer what it was==> reduced to mortal means==> For me to control Legion==>What does this mean?==> Crazy Man==> Who am I?

So what does one do if the Devil asked him to look after his legion==> The power to become Devil/God lies in your hands==> It is a matter of perception…

Angel of Death==> Delivers destruction regardless of circumstance==>Despite who sends him –same result. So who you are is not a matter of title or action more so perception.

I do have to say.  When I awoke from the dream, I felt extremely empowered and privileged.


That dream occurred a little over two years ago. I reflect back on it from time to time because the dream was so poignant.  It left a lasting impression and my more recent thoughts are as follows:

I found it quite interesting the symbolism regarding the transference of power and what power actual is.  The power wasn’t so much in releasing the destructive force but in restraining the destructive force.  I found that concept extremely revealing.  The act of restraint is a God like act in itself.  Another concept that I noticed is that once the destructive force is released, there is no viable way of reharnessing the destruction. Although I had the means of releasing the destruction I had no means of controlling the chaos or result of the chaos once it was released.  And the fact that I experienced some fear implies that I wouldn’t necessarily be impervious to its harm.

It provided the perfect duality of man–both God/Satan rest in the matter of choice.

The dream spoke to me on many levels and above are the levels that I am comfortable sharing with the public.  The other messages I will keep to myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read the post.  Any thoughts are more than welcomed. I’ve used my dreams for many means, including a source of inspiration for story concepts as well as poetry and more.


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