Neverland part 1 — beta tested.. Welcome… (a poem by Jack)

Pictures speak a thousand words..
Symbols scream a thousand pictures…

Captures imaginations– holding them for ransom…

Yet what you see isn’t always what you get..
To distinguish illusion from reality… Blurs the line between life and death…

Life will eat itself until the mind grows absolutely insane.. And all that you see are images… Screaming images… Raging symbols..

Not a man… Not a word… Just rampant energies running amuck… All presenting something they are not..

Then I shall welcome you to my world… A lovely world where math isn’t god… Nothin adds up… Because you can take away what you want…

You can be death herself if you so feel… No words ever spoken and no actions needed… Because in this world you can see without sight and like your world you can die without ever having lived…

Welcome to Neverland…

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