Black Pearl (a poem by Jack)

She retracts like the tide..

Like the oyster, when she opens she reveals the most precious parts of herself…

Part quiet… Part coy.. Part perturbed.. Creating a concoction of a closed off shadow..

Attempting to go unnoticed… She keeps her hidden colors within the dark…

But it’s only temporary.. It’s always temporary.. But can you ensure the wave.. The intensity.. The empty backlash… Can you be sure that it isn’t filled with hatred… But filled with fear…

I’m scared… How do I deal with this new found emotion.. How am I to be entrusted with this pearl that you have bestowed upon me…

You respect my fear…. And I believe you..

She sits quietly… Undisturbed because I won’t touch her..

I patiently wait for the tide of her anguish to retract.. And the wave of her emotion to come crashing back in..

She smiles…

Revealing the tide is finally subsiding..

She looks into my eyes… I return the gaze… She turns away.. All but hiding her honesty..

Another pearl left for a guardian spirit..

Am I a worthy partaker of this pure innocence…

Her fears of my failing nutriment coincide with my fear of its fragility…

But with each crash the of waves… Comes a bond unique… And the waters will help nourish…

And I thank her for her waters….

Thank God for the waters….

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