Silence the Who (a poem by Jack)

If you don’t know who you are… You can never be honest with yourself.. Forever living a lie… Conjoined at birth.. You and this lie.. Only the precision and surgical know how of enlightenment can seperate the two…

What are we living for? This then becomes the question..
Living to be… Ignoring the voice in our heads.. Because we fail to silence it.. And if we must listen.. It isn’t us at all… It’s a part of us.. As our body is a part of us…as our mind too is a part of us… Yet none of the above have much to do with what we are..
They all provide excuse for dissonance… Cognitive dissonance… And our entire life’s paradigm becomes one large struggle to reconcile the mind, body and conscious with what we really are..
To live is to be dishonest… To live is to lie…And death is but a regurgitation of empty truths and recycled lies…
Yet reincarnation doesn’t have to be.. But as long as the parasite persist the lie must be told…
The story must be told and retold until it becomes true… Rather true enough… These life’s must continue until the lie is wholly believed..and the lie becomes the reality and you become but a parasite struggling for existence..
The polar opposite of opposites..
So who you are must ultimately be killed… And What you are must infinitely be.. As infinite as it is… It must honestly be!

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