breathe easy (a poem by Jack)

I love the curses… I pray for the curses… The spiders creep across my lungs.. And lay siege to the breath of life.. I remain unrestricted… In impeccable glory..

These curses from voodoo masters reincarnate…
Shamen and shapeshifters of times ago..
The 808s kick.. And the curses ensue…
The outsiders fear the bass.. For the tick of the tock foretells their time is drawing near…
Boom Boom!!!
A bayou baby.. Hailing from the southern tip of the Land of Milk and Honey..
Fooled us once.. The indigo spoke..
So you won’t fool me twice…
But you will fear me.. Kill us all you must, but it only delays the inevitable…We don’t die.. At this point we simply regroup and come back harder..that which kills us only makes us stronger..
Bass drum rippen..
Do you hear that.. It’s the heart beat of a nation… It’s the war drums of innocence slaughtered.. Of a planet fed up.. It’s mama earths summoning her first line of defense.. Because enough is enough.. And will power and innovation will not save you from your licentious means… And justified hatred..
My lungs burn.. And it’s the breath of life reconciling its temperament within… 
I will breathe again..

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