evoL… (A poem by Jack)

Liquid languishing from elongated lashes…Love is latent and relinquishing..

I’m trying to sip from her Chalice..

But the remorse and pride inside her may be too heavy for my heart to lift..

I am but a man.. And by the ways of a man I maneuver.. In matters of the heart.. It requires a Devine awakening..

And all I can do it but whisper.. Sweet nothings.. And a whisper of nothing has never been enough to silence the murmurings of a heart.. A whisper can but add to the confusion of the chaos.. Desires pulling her one way.. Laws of attraction pulling her another..

And who but a man am I to influence such a convoluted occurrence..

If she didn’t love him why did she marry him… If she loves me why won’t she marry me.. Such a complex situation could be made oh so simple..

Yet we’re natural beings stuck in an unnatural environment.. Struggling to adapt.. So the murmurs of her heart may be a necessary evil.. And the tranquility of my whisper may just be the peace she needs.. The secret garden in this human zoo of Brick and Mortar..

Luscious lucidity limping through languid elocution… 

Words of the heart that is.. 

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