A kiss from imagination’s past (a poem by Jack)

I know I’m alive out there… I can feel it with every fiber of my being…I hear the faint voice of infinity… Encouraging me to see… And not to see what’s in front of me but what was meant to be seen all along.. I hear myself.. Urging.. Crying.. Begging me not to succumb..

Trust.. Believe.. Faith..

But in what? For my eyes don’t perceive and my mind can’t transmit.. But something in my spirit is linked to something I have no idea of what,but this “what” is all that is true..

Hardships– distractions..

Lust– distractions..

Pain– opportunity

Synergy– clues

Desire– confusement 

What am I that I chose to link… No savior of man? A saver of self,barely.. But a savior of someone? Anyone?

My mind often drifts and wonders.. And I find it difficult to corral it… Perhaps its propensity is its purpose.. A proclivity of truth.. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be here all along but to explore and transmit..

Messages.. Words.. Vibrations.. From the infinite.. To the finite.. In hopes of restoring that which departed from that which always was…

You think? Or perhaps I just think too much, too imaginative, too much creativity to live in reality. So in reality I live in a space somewhere between restriction and freedom. A place where words, thoughts, vibrations, worlds and ideals flow freely. Free for me to grasp and translate.. Grasp and manipulate.. Grasp and set free in this finite world of reality I currently share..

If your savior’ s need is to save.. Well let that harmony prosper.. And if your adversary’s need is to destroy.. Well let that disharmony prosper as well..

2 thoughts on “A kiss from imagination’s past (a poem by Jack)”

  1. I like this, you seem to be connecting well with the universe. That of course does not always make day to day life easy!

    Any idea what the significance of “melding back to my building blocks” could be?

    It makes all and no sense to me and I feel like you might have ideas 🗽🌾


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