Skit-Oh ( a poem by Jack Frentic)

The fabric of your world is breaking down.. And you can’t hold it together.. There are glitches.. And they are becoming more and more evident.. By more and more people..
You blame us and victim becomes the issue.. There must be something wrong with us.. Certainly we are the problem.. But we’re merely satellites transmitting data.. Data goes in and data comes out…
The mind can’t perceive what the brain doesn’t tell it.. Majority of the time the mind dominates the brain.. And preconceived notions rule the world… But every so often.. The brain has a break through.. And untarnished reality bleeds through.. Surpassing any fragmented lies the mind has been supplanted with.. Conditioned with.. Heavily bombarded with.. 

Boy oh boy that becomes a danger.. Because suddenly a frolic through the clouds becomes a high speed chase..

Reconciliation becomes imminent.. The mind must reconcile the brain.. Or the brain must reconcile the thought.. Lies collied with truth and they become indistinguishable, and then the end result is tragedy…

A lost soul stuck in limbo… In neutral because the soul’s compass can no longer determine North..

But you can’t tell us why we’re here?

Yet you can tell us when the truth is a curse…

Every bit of the truth is a blessing.. Every fragmented, distorted piece is a treasure.. And unfortunately the satellites picking up the frequency of truth are dysfunctional.. At least by society’s standards..

But I suppose ignorance is bliss.. The sweeter the lie.. The sweeter the life…


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