Life’s a box of chocolates… A poem by Jack

At times you can set eyes upon my gaze and know I’m not completely here.. Galaxies and cosmos asunder, my mind traverses.. Spaced out and high beyond all measure.. High on the fact that reality can be so bleak– the reality that I can be here But never truly here.. Always a part of me somewhere.. Somewhere far off.. And a piece of me is always trying to reconnect with that part.. 

A Union of polar opposites at this point..

The smart ones gravitate towards God.. The convinced always manage stray away from themselves… 

A temporary alleviation from responsibility provides that light as a feather feeling.. But when the weight of the world catches back up, it crushes like a boulder.. What man’s shoulder’s can bare such.. What man’s spirit can withstand the ill this world has placed on his fellow man.. Who’s soul can turn a blind eye.. Unless the eye of the 3rd is nothing short blindful.. And the shallow eye only looks inwards.. And you become the center and periphery of the universe at least the only universe that matters..

A cosmos of the mind, and you are all that matters.. An isolated automaton is what most aim to be.. Failing to see, rather denying that everything is everything..

Because something can never come from nothing.. Everything must inevitably be everything..

Thus, I can’t hate my opposite no more than I can hate myself.. I can’t curse the decisions I’ve mad no more than I can praise the circumstances life has presented..

And this holds true whether I’m here.. Nor there…

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