Glory don’t Fade (a poem by Jack)

Glory doesn’t fade but tell that to faded glory..Everyday she reminisces.. I too see the memories, that once stood alive, but now take refuge in the glimmer of her eye.. For I see her as she once was.. 

A voluptuous beauty.. 

Every testosterone’s object of desire.. 

But time no longer displays such..Time does it’s best to keep beauty hidden..

 Like her mind’s eye.. I see her for what she once was.. What she still clings too.. Because deep down inside she knows she still is what she always was..

So what is faded glory but a preponderance of time..

What’s faded glory but a lie that time attempts to tell…

What’s faded glory if I can still see the beauty in you.. The truth in your smile.. The flirt in your eye..the gentleness in your tones… Everything that made you, you has remained intact.. Delicate.. Awaiting to be unlocked.. A treasure for another life time perhaps..

But a treasure nonetheless..

So what exactly is faded glory if glory can’t fade…

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