I am Child (a poem by Jack)

Like the little boy… Who yearns for mommy…

He is me…


This is the current inundation that has flooded my lungs and has suffocated my spirit..

I miss something.. But I don’t know what…

I feel alone.. But don’t know quite why..

I want to cry.. But the tears refuse to flow..

It’s like life.. Has sewn my tear ducts shut..

A jaded mule I’ve become..

Some nights ago I heard the spirit of lovers past.. They were screams of anguish.. Begging heavens gate to send a new me.. I saw the irony and truly sympathized but felt no pity…

I guess I’m in a frozen place… A state of mind trapped somewhere between freedom and remorse… I’m somewhere between moving on and I’m already passed that..I’m running in place in a hurry to get nowhere..

I’m somewhere.. In some Galaxy.. In the fetal position with mommy rubbing my back..

I’m somewhere being replenished by the fathomless tears that this life would not let me shed..

I am child…

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