Rested eye… (A poem by Jack)


I lay supine.. As the voices chattered among themselves..

And Taunting me in the same notion..

A single tear struggled to find it’s way out of the crevice of my left eye..

“You’re a kingless man.. You’ll never get what you want…”

Was it the truth… Was it a truth.. Was it my truth.. At that moment it didn’t so much matter..
You see, because they are quite keen.. They know exactly when I’m convinceable..

Vulnerability is every man’s downfall…

And that’s what this is about.. Me and my convincing nature… So a man thinketh and so is he..

And at that very moment.. The tear trapped in my eye could tell you exactly who I was…

Who I am..

And who I was meant to be.. 

All converging at a crossroads…

While I lay supine… Lost in a gaze… 

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