agape… (A poem by Jack)

It’s a bit erroneous and fallacious to say..But you see me as a man of yesterday year.. I keep telling you… I am not that man.. He is not me.. Our likeness not the same.. Our origins unique..

But no matter what.. You keep drawing on our similarities..

I am not, He…

The love you kept reserved for him, you restrain from me…

But.. I am not, He..

The recalcitrance you bestow upon me… Was never meant for me at all.. But disappointment bleeding through from  time before…

A time precious… A time that never goes away.. No you don’t reside in the past but some past do their best to keep pace with the future..

But.. I am not, He…

You weep tears that were never meant for me… Curse the very breath I breathe.. I stand in disbelief because by your conviction you swear they were meant for me..

But.. I am not, He…

Now the suffering I endure.. The vitriol I deflect.. All because the love I chose…and the man I choose to be..

But I am not him…

Maybe he crafted how you see me… And all the other Me’s you’ve ever saw who just happened to be his mini-Me’s in your eyes..

But… I am not, he..

All I seek is to get my face back…

When will you see me and me alone….

When will you see that I am not him?

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