Sea shells subside… (A poem by Jack)

It’s not supposed to be this hard they said..and they ain’t neva lied…

Oh fragmented child.. Fighting from dusk til dawn…

But I see you beyond the crust.. Always have.. Forever will..

Full fledged adult carrying a broken child..


Broken child… Relying on a full fledged adult to be barrier between you and your other you..

The you that’s trapped in time.. The you that makes sense.. The you I hope to befriend..the you who eluded the confinement of time and remains the precious of your consciousness…

So flower child.. Sprout like the daisy.. Take refuge in my heart.. Warm the soil of my soul and let my love water your roots.. 

In a perfect world..oh in a perfect that would be.. It could all be so easy…

But this is no such thing, yet.. It has not manifested, yet.. So that child carries the shield.. And that child puts up wall after wall after wall.. That child has built an impenetrable fortress.. And remains shielded.. Guarded..

In the process.. I’m to be gelded.. The only proof I come in peace.. As the enuchus of yonder I pose no threat..

My soil… I worry about soil at times.. How long is to remain rich and nutritious…

How long…

Please… Tell me… How long?

How long is my soul to go without seed? How long will flower child remain in her package..

I look forward to the blossom…

Her blossom is my destiny..

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