Kill Bird (Blindside) a poem by Jack

Clouds, birds… Cars..
The monotony is suffocating..
Everyday damn day.. The past never changes..

I am king..

I am God

I am truth

I am light
I am corrupted rhetoric

I am The Black
Who am I to give myself to one..

When I should be divvied up for as many as possible to devour.. Chew of me..

Slaughter me.. Resurrect me.. Masticate of me til satiated…
Satiation is freedom… And my freedom leads to salvation
Blame one.. Blame all.. Blame me for your sins..

But who am I but a man.. Like you..

If you saw the miracles I’ve saw you could do em too
All that you need do is perceive.. Monkey see.. Monkey do…
But when all you see is the same.. The monotony will eventually devour all that is you…   

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