Intellect Vs Wisdom (Whom do you choose to worship)

Recently, I listened to a lecture by Dick Gregory via YouTube.  He brought up an interesting distinction that I would like to elaborate upon. During his lecture he made the distinction between Wisdom and Intellect.  I’m paraphrasing, but he implied that there was a time when a good majority of people (Americans, citizens, ancestors, ect.) operated through wisdom, as opposed to now where the majority of individuals use “intellect” to drive their decisions.  At first I assumed one complemented the other but upon further contemplation they really couldn’t be further from each other.

As it is the spirit of Wisdom is far from a modern phenomenon.  Societies and cultures of antiquity have prayed for Wisdom, have created monuments representing Wisdom, and have had deities that are Wisdom.  You see Wisdom is all encompassing; it operates out of a sense of completeness, wholeness, an “all things considered” type of energy if you will.  Wisdom is timeless and its knowledge knows no bounds. Wisdom cannot be manipulated for it was enacted before man and will be long after man.  Wisdom draws upon the infinite and is innately communicated to us through our “ancient brain”. It is an accumulation of all the decisions that our DNA has made and scenarios our DNA has witnessed that has been passed down from one generation to the next.  When one chooses to operate through wisdom one is operating outside of themselves.  They are not only activating an inner truth but tapping into a collective consciousness that is far beyond the scope of the individual.

Now, the folly comes into play when we compare intellect with Wisdom.  I consider Wisdom to be a feminine aura and intellect to be a masculine spirit.  It may be arbitrary as to why but it’s simply the sense that I gather.  Intellect, as opposed to Wisdom, is a very autonomous phenomenon.  Intellect becomes unique to each scenario that it encounters; it tends to me amorphous and shifts to fit its current situation. It isn’t necessarily rooted in the past at least not a distant past.  Intellect is greatly tied to its brother logic.  Logic can be twisted and manipulated from issue to issue and sequence to sequence.  As opposed to Wisdom, logic is a very convincing mechanism. Wisdom teaches and explains it does not persuade.  Logic’s sole purpose is to convince the observer that “something” must be right. Logic relies heavily upon our sentient ability to process.  And of course any master manipulator can use one’s five senses against themselves. There are infinite strands of logic and the observer can pick and choose any strand they want to rationalize literally any decision that they make.  For example, there are people roaming this earth that are convinced that they are “in love” with an inanimate object. Now these are otherwise seemingly normal people, yet some strand of logic they have latched onto has allowed them to believe they are “in love” with an inanimate object. This has profound implications.

For those who dictate the logic are able to dictate the output of men.  The output of a man’s mind is aligned with the reality that that man perceives.

Logic and intellect can make slaves of us all if we allow it.  Wisdom is the ruler of all logic and queen of all intellect.  When I make certain decisions I tend to abandon as much intellect as possible and operate outside of the conventional.  I seek Wisdom and always keep the bigger picture in mind.  Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.  In matters having to do with the matrix of reality that we operate within, I utilize the conventional.  But in matters that involve the nature of men and men’s actions, I rely heavily upon Wisdom.  For a system is quite logical and predictable, men tend to anomalies.

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