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Alpha Male vs Beta (Why the Beta man wears the crown..)

Alpha Male Vs. Beta Male:

“How can those women fight over such a loser?”

“They are fighting each other and looking foolish when really they should be fighting him?”

“What’s he got that I don’t got?”

You often hear these phrases or phrases such as these uttered from the lips of so many. You may have uttered them yourself, and sat in awe as to why some women would be so foolish as to give their “all” to some “unworthy” individual. Even to go as far as fighting a complete stranger for their prized possession.

The following discussion may shed some light on the phenomenon—depending on your perspective.  Allow me to set a precipice for our discussion.

We live in a multi dimensional reality. Allow me to define what I mean by such. We live in a superficial or sentient reality that constantly has to reinforce its value structure upon us—the individual, and exert itself upon society as a whole. We also live in an actual reality that is hidden behind the superficial reality but prominently exerts itself upon us—because it is who we are. The two coincide and often clash for one is constantly trying to circumvent the other and prove that which is false.

I entitle the superficial reality the matrix. It is a holographic universe—an illusionary universe built on commerce—the commodity of goods bought and sold.  This reality’s infrastructure is built on the free flow of the commodity market. In this reality, the worth of things is based on a dollar amount. Every item and every transaction has a dollar amount. Even to the point that time equates to money. People become only worth as much as the amount of revenue that they can generate for the system—the matrix. Labor is bought and sold, ideas are bought and sold, services are bought and sold, items are bought and sold, dreams are bought and sold, love is bought and sold, women/men are bought and sold, children are bought and sold. In this reality everyone and everything has a price. This is the reality that we are taught from birth–the reality that is so vigorously instilled in our heads throughout out our matriculation through the institutions of education. It is constantly reinforced through media, entertainment, and pretty much any outlet that you can name.

And then we have the actual reality that is in completely juxtaposed– one that remains perfectly hidden in plain sight. And this is the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human existence—rather some of us are spiritual beings having a human existence. This existence does not place “values” on the individual. This reality knows very little bounds if any and is forever changing and evolving, but its basis stays the same. It is a dual reality– one of physical existence coinciding with that of a spiritual existence. This creates a dualism in itself. This is because these two realities are merged through mediation, by the instrument of the brain, through the function of the mind. Thus you will have individuals with great physical prowess that are deemed alpha and those with great spiritual prowess that are also deemed alpha. One translates very well in the holographic universe the other isn’t always as evident.

These precepts form the basis of our discussion. How is one defined as alpha and how is one defined as beta?

In our current state of existence the idea of an alpha male is very muddied.  The term doesn’t hold wait because the individuals that comprise our society have so many different value structures. You have some who hold money as omnipotent and will deem those with money as alpha males to be revered.  These same people will look down on a man without possessions as being “worthless”.  Some will hold a great athlete in high regard and deem them as being alpha, because of their great physical prowess.  Yet others, will uphold some great musician as being alpha, because they have such a great talent intertwined with a captivating aura—ie more intuned with their spiritual side.

So who indeed is correct?

Is it subjective? –Arguably.

I offer this commentary.  Anything that the holographic universe holds up on a pedestal is more than likely a falsehood.  Individuals have input a system in the place that has allowed them to accrue vast “wealth” and “power” through this current economic structure.  These individuals are seemingly “God’s” of the system because they have the ability to manipulate and dictate so much.  This is counterintuitive to the natural principle of survival of the fittest.  It places a corrupt variable within the equation—which doesn’t allow the fittest of body and spirit the flourish–but the fittest of manipulation to flourish.  And I would argue that these individuals and blood lines are the among the very weakest among us which is why they require this system to survive and maintain their power.

I digress, many among us in society have gift that aren’t necessarily able to be commoditized.  In such, these gifts are never fully developed, never recognized, and often seen in a negative light.  For example, take your typical child diagnosed with “ADD or ADHD”.  This is a phenomenon not understood by society but is treated as something negative that needs to be “solved” with medicine.  When in actuality it could something in the exact opposite light.  It could be a child with such a hyper developed mind that there is no way they can sit still and incur such a remedial –retarded manner of education that the school system forces upon our children.  Their mind is racing to infinity and back and the teachers teaching are stuck on “123” & “ABC”.   This is just one example of many.  We as a society are taught to kill anything not able to be made into a commodity.  In essence we kill everything spiritual unless it is spiritual convenient—ie religion which happens to generate billions upon billions.

So, I believe women tend to be more in tuned with the intuitive: their “feelings”.  Thus they will tend to pick up on these gifts with an individual unknowingly and unwittingly and take a liking to said individual-which brings us full circle.  Perhaps they are not fighting over a “worthless” individual.  Perhaps they are fighting over someone who is really special–someone who is quite the opposite.—someone who has been psychologically traumatized by society.–someone who doesn’t understand their gifts.  Someone who has been convinced their gifts are worthless and have in turn internalized this sentiment and outwardly manifested this pervading motif.–someone who hasn’t found motivation to succeed in the holographic reality and appears to be a “waste”.

This argument provides insight as to why the Beta male wears the crown.  There are many launch points from here that can be expounded upon.  But I will leave it here and leave those thoughts for another blog.


Thank you for reading and your responses are welcomed.

Creativity (Is it yours… Or ours?)

It is said that we do not see with our eyes, but with our brains. Our eyes merely act as a lens to what we can perceive. Our brain can only see as much as our range of perception.

As I stated in a previous blog, I do not believe as human beings that we are creative beings. I do not believe that we can be the impetus of anything creative. Creativity implies that we can spontaneously create something out of nothing. I do not believe that we create anything in any arena of life from art to children. All that which we presumable create is merely the end result of a chain of occurrences—that being manifestation on this physical plane of existence the final result. We are merely conductors or purveyors of ideals and objects deemed creative. I believe all minds are unique and operate on different frequencies. Some minds are able to perceive beyond what the “typical” mind can perceive, their range of perception is oriented differently. They become a purveyor of that which is outside of the superficial. And by superficial I mean the things by which have their bases in this physical realm.
I do not believe everyone has the same level of access to this realm, so each of our conductors are all important and add something to the collective consciousness. They may pool from the same pool of information but the manner and things attained are unique.
Even though I do not believe that anyone is creative, for simplicity purposes I still refer to these people as creative individuals. These people include: poets, writers, scientist, artist, doctors, technologist, etc. — pretty much anything that draws upon ideals that are outside the grasp of the common man. These individuals have gifts and it is to up to them how they cultivate these gifts and by what means that they use the gifts. They can be gods unto themselves and utilize these gifts for their own desires or they can be of the “Creator” and use these gifts to benefit those in need or the collective.
Why monetize your art when it could help expand the perception of another in one way or another? Can you put a price on the collective growth of humanity? Do you have that right? If so, that makes you a god–but of what nature?
I do believe there is a percentage among us who have gifts. There are those among us who have perception into realities that are beyond the scope of this physical realm but have complete consequence in this realm. There are plenty among us that have the slightest idea of their potential—and are often ridiculed for their “differences”. I do believe that the current manner in which our brain is wired creates much friction. It doesn’t allow many of these gifts to manifest properly. It doesn’t allow many of these gifts to cultivate properly. And this creates for many scars on the psyche of individuals and much of the psycho-somatic backlash within individuals. Many of these gifts are beyond the scope of art or what we typical attribute to being creative. Many of these gifts are necessary for the progression of man but aren’t yet ready to be accepted by the majority of man. For man fears collective change yet will always follow suit once change has proven right.
And of course there are always those who seek to profit from man’s state of stagnate.

My first time pondering about this topic was in 2006 while in college and is as follows: There is no such thing as imagination. There is nothing tangible that one can grasp in the physical realm. Imagination is a realm of its own, a realm of information–decipherable, purposeful and in existence. Men cannot and has not thought of anything “new”. All ideas, concepts, and beings are translated through the realm of imagination. They all are alive and exist but to what extent, where and why is the question. Man is not a creative being; man is a tool who has the ability to tap into many realms and one being that of the eternal source. There are other entities around us that do not have this luxury… Our outer layer of skin operates as a brain in function if you will–it receives information–this information is communicated through art, but isn’t decoded by the actual brain like typical information is gathered from the other 5 senses.–As above so below–cosmic information is gathered and sent through light–received through skin–hair–melanin–decoding and communicating this information is the gift. Being able to decipher and understanding this information is taking the gift to the next level. Utilizing this information to better yourself and others is taking the gift to the highest level.

Thanks for reading… Share your thoughts…


Divergence vs. Transcendence (Movie Reflection)

Recently I watched two movies: “Divergence” and “Transcendence”. I will not give so much a summary of the movies in this blog entry, but I will give what I gathered from the movie.

Both movies are a foreshadowing of a dystopian future of some sorts. “Transcendence” alludes that in the future the earth will be comprised of one nation, under one man’s rule, under one man’s mindset, and all that will hope to survive have to be linked to this man in mind, body and soul via a digital sort of mind link. On the other hand, “Divergence” depicts a dystopia of a different nature. In this future setting people are controlled by their personality or output towards life. People are separated into distinct categories and only allowed to perform a predetermined set of functions. For example, you have your dauntless branch and their job is to protect the civilization, the erudite are seekers of knowledge and have more to do with managing the civilization etc. In this movie, individuals are not free to decide their fate (Yet free to choose which category they will live their life out as.) and any who shows signs of being a “divergent” or free thinker is killed.

These movies provided a strong commentary about those who are suggestible to being led and those incapable of being controlled…And the consequences of each.

These two movies also provide insight, from a social standpoint, of our perception or conception of what the function of God is. Or how some would like God to be. I have specific views about creativity, I personally do not believe that man is a creative being but merely a conductor of things considered “creative”. So when I view a particular work of art I filter it through a different lens. Not so much of a standalone work of art, but more of an ideal pulled from a pool of collective consciousness. So I see it as—there is some segment of society who readily identifies or will readily identify with what is being portrayed by the art form.

In the movie “Transcendence” we have this pale skin man who’s aim is to “make a better society for us all.” He feels that in order for the earth to run as it should there should be one mind in control of it all. One set of core values governed by one individual and one state mind. At one point of the movie they ask the character if he’s attempting to be like “God”. His response was something along the lines of isn’t man always attaining to such. From this we gather one segment of the society that we live in views on God.

–An authoritative figure who has all under his control. –A figure who is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. –A figure who cares for his subject but only those subjects that capitulate to his will. –A white male. –A figure who has access to all the earth’s resources and is in control of who receives what.
In the end of the movie the “God” character ends up sacrificing his own life for a greater love. But the end of the movie implies he’s not completely destroyed–a sort of resurrection is implied! Much like the Christ Motif.

In the movie “Divergence” we have a future of a different degree. In this movie we have no idea how encompassing this network of individuals are. How many populations are there beyond the walls of this community we don’t know. We simply have an isolated community that lives within a system– a system that is dominated by lack of free will. In this society the illusion of free will is granted. Yet anyone who has any true free will is slain. In this movie we have a small group seeking to usurp the power of the entire community and for what gain– it isn’t clear. Ultimately it is control for the sake of control.

In this movie we gather an alternative depiction of “God” or at least his methods.

–an unknown figure who sends others to do his bidding. –System oriented (does not want anything outside of the system in place to exist.) –Unquestionable authority.–Repays disobedience with violence. –Political. –Deceitful in nature.

Thus from these two movies one can gain insight as to the author and man’s perception of what it is to be god. The removing of free will… which is quite ironic because god is the definition of free will… Of choice… Of decision… To withdraw that and dictate circumstance is a confinement of the opposite orientation…To emasculate a people of their self-empowerment and awareness is anything but benevolent. If one truly had control one wouldn’t have to impose their will. Only those without any true authority have to constantly iterate how much authority they have.

Now if we look at the definitions of “God” that we gathered and apply it to some of themes we experience in everyday life, we can truly see who is trying to play god among us. We can see if the idea or perception that we ourselves have of god is truly a healthy one.

How much different is the God we were taught to pray to each night?

If we applied this definition to any particular organization, religious group, political state, or government– would it fit. If so, is that something you should follow without question?

I don’t have all the answers. But I sure have plenty of questions?

Are you a Divergent? Can you transcend your thoughts?

Intellect Vs Wisdom (Whom do you choose to worship)

Recently, I listened to a lecture by Dick Gregory via YouTube.  He brought up an interesting distinction that I would like to elaborate upon. During his lecture he made the distinction between Wisdom and Intellect.  I’m paraphrasing, but he implied that there was a time when a good majority of people (Americans, citizens, ancestors, ect.) operated through wisdom, as opposed to now where the majority of individuals use “intellect” to drive their decisions.  At first I assumed one complemented the other but upon further contemplation they really couldn’t be further from each other.

As it is the spirit of Wisdom is far from a modern phenomenon.  Societies and cultures of antiquity have prayed for Wisdom, have created monuments representing Wisdom, and have had deities that are Wisdom.  You see Wisdom is all encompassing; it operates out of a sense of completeness, wholeness, an “all things considered” type of energy if you will.  Wisdom is timeless and its knowledge knows no bounds. Wisdom cannot be manipulated for it was enacted before man and will be long after man.  Wisdom draws upon the infinite and is innately communicated to us through our “ancient brain”. It is an accumulation of all the decisions that our DNA has made and scenarios our DNA has witnessed that has been passed down from one generation to the next.  When one chooses to operate through wisdom one is operating outside of themselves.  They are not only activating an inner truth but tapping into a collective consciousness that is far beyond the scope of the individual.

Now, the folly comes into play when we compare intellect with Wisdom.  I consider Wisdom to be a feminine aura and intellect to be a masculine spirit.  It may be arbitrary as to why but it’s simply the sense that I gather.  Intellect, as opposed to Wisdom, is a very autonomous phenomenon.  Intellect becomes unique to each scenario that it encounters; it tends to me amorphous and shifts to fit its current situation. It isn’t necessarily rooted in the past at least not a distant past.  Intellect is greatly tied to its brother logic.  Logic can be twisted and manipulated from issue to issue and sequence to sequence.  As opposed to Wisdom, logic is a very convincing mechanism. Wisdom teaches and explains it does not persuade.  Logic’s sole purpose is to convince the observer that “something” must be right. Logic relies heavily upon our sentient ability to process.  And of course any master manipulator can use one’s five senses against themselves. There are infinite strands of logic and the observer can pick and choose any strand they want to rationalize literally any decision that they make.  For example, there are people roaming this earth that are convinced that they are “in love” with an inanimate object. Now these are otherwise seemingly normal people, yet some strand of logic they have latched onto has allowed them to believe they are “in love” with an inanimate object. This has profound implications.

For those who dictate the logic are able to dictate the output of men.  The output of a man’s mind is aligned with the reality that that man perceives.

Logic and intellect can make slaves of us all if we allow it.  Wisdom is the ruler of all logic and queen of all intellect.  When I make certain decisions I tend to abandon as much intellect as possible and operate outside of the conventional.  I seek Wisdom and always keep the bigger picture in mind.  Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.  In matters having to do with the matrix of reality that we operate within, I utilize the conventional.  But in matters that involve the nature of men and men’s actions, I rely heavily upon Wisdom.  For a system is quite logical and predictable, men tend to anomalies.

God’s Bastard Child…(Evil makes gods of us all)

What is Evil but the sum of disavowed choices gone unaccounted for…

Bad Me

Utilizing the most basic concept of God, I shall present a speculative deduction.

From one perspective: Evil is nothing but the Self Accountability that God refuses to acknowledge… All of the world’s ills spawn from one source: the eternal.  Just as all the world’s joys are derived from one impetus.  Or what I like to refer to as the infinite.  God (in the broadest concept of the word: metaphorically)  likes to gather together all his unmentionables, all his malicious desires, all his nefarious inclinations, all his shameful urges, and cast them off on an island to be.  Neglecting them if you will.  He likes to isolate them and keep them in a box and act as though they aren’t a part of him.  As though they are not of him and not worthy of acknowledgement.

You see, God, instead of looking after his maliciousness and managing it, would much rather let it take care of itself.  Like a small abandoned child the viciousness is left to raise itself, it is left to fend for itself, it is left to its own devices.  A tempestuous and volatile spark left to survive by any means necessary without any sense of direction. When you allow a child to raise itself it will inevitably lash out and nothing but chaos will ensue.  It will eventually out grow its box and out grow any means you may of had of controlling it.  At that point it becomes estranged—completely unfamiliar to you.  At that point it no longer becomes a part of God led astray but “evil”—a completely narcissistic, self-absorbed, hurt conglomerate of chaos–unbalanced emotion.

You see, the God in man isn’t just accepting all the accolades for all the benevolence one spreads in the world, to one’s peers, and to the people around him.  You see, the true power of a God rest in the ability of controlling all aspects of oneself.  –Embracing the ills as opposed to shunning the ills.  –Understanding the ills as opposed to detaching yourself from the ills.  –Provide a healthy outlet for the ills as opposed abandoning the ills.  For when one begins to understand the entirety of self, only then can one grow with a healthy balance.  Only then can one begin to nurture all aspects of their being.

God isn’t necessarily all that is Good.  Evil isn’t necessarily all that is Bad.  One is of the of the other. One stems from a lack of understanding of the other–an inability to truly love oneself wholly. A fear of an anomaly within, that creates a rift that eventually  becomes to deep to mend.

Being accountable for all aspects of oneself can help us be all that we were meant to be.