God Save the Queen (A blog about freedom…)

The energy and effort individuals place into achieving their slice of the American pie is incredible.  Parents sacrifice their children.  Men sacrifice their bodies.  Women sacrifice their relationships all for the satisfaction of an appetite quenched.

And what is this illusion that everyone is after?

Some call it happiness.  Others call if money.  The term quality of life comes to mind. Is it anything more than self-indulgence?  Is it anything more than a façade—because, fulfillment cannot be gained through the destruction of one’s humanity.  One can spend their entire energies pursuing a career and letting the world around them crumble only keeping the ends in mind—for the ends always justify the means.

Yet I’m not here to condemn for that would make me a hypocrite, but the blame has allowed my mind to wonder.  A man could spend their entire life beating up their body pursuing an athletic career, if the idea of freedom was placed in front of them what then would they be willing to sacrifice.  A woman can spend her entire life pursuing a rewarding career, sacrificing her domestic life forgoing the conception of children and all for what? If she will do all of this for a “quality of life”; then what would she be willing to sacrifice for complete and whole freedom?
As is our entire frame work—our brain is wired towards the propagation of the monster called America.  Whether we realize it or not, we sacrifice all we have in order to keep this monster alive.  It entices us with glory, superficial reward, comfort and stability–But at what price—broken families, fractured psyches, hopeless lives, insecure self-perception, and no knowledge of self? So she as monster turns man into lesser monsters.   And our reality mutates into a hive complex in which the lesser monsters will give their lives in order to keep the Queen alive and thriving. She provides the sweet nectar of “freedom” and we give her any and every thing we have in return.

Our queen happens not to be righteous but greedy and full of insatiable desire.

Does her scope go beyond America?  Does she rule the entire planet?  Is there anywhere on this earth you can go and feel free?

Are we here to help ourselves as individuals at the expense of all others, or are we here for a purpose outside of one we can perceive for ourselves.

Could we be freed from the hive? Yet operate as a righteous hive.  Could the Queen be dethroned and replaced by a collective consciousness?  Does man need a Queen to fill complete, to fill like their lives has purpose and meaning?  Is there more to us than this human experience—and if so, how do we come into the realization of such? Because our Queen is omnipotent among us how do we transcend and usurp the power and hold she has on us.  Must we engage in drown like daily activity that slowly chips away at our humanity?

It begins with the individual.  Ideals of success rarely include family and community.  These ideals that we pursue are always things and things are replaceable.  These ideals of success aren’t necessary organic in nature, perhaps a lifetime of conditioning has influenced our perception of what it means to be successful.
So we have this spirit of freedom or lack thereof juxtaposed with the spirit of dominance. Why do some seek to dominate others?– from a personal stand point to a societal stand point… What motivation do they have? Is it derived out of a need to feel validated by the hive? By dominating and controlling others do they feel closer to the Queen? Is it a sense of validation through the sense of exertion?–Because the hive will not approve of me.—Because the hive will not approve of the honest expression of me, I will impose myself upon the hive.  I will become my own queen and dictate the desire of the hive in one fashion or another.  Is that the motivation of some to deprive the freedom of others?

This omnipresent Queen we have in America has produced millions of offspring throughout the nation—little monsters who seek to be like her in every way.  Little monsters who believe they are all knowing and seek to dominate in all aspects of life.  Supercilious monsters that spring up everywhere believing they know more than anyone else. Monsters that dictate how you should have fun, who you should love, how you should live, what you should value, how you should dress, who you should worship, how you should express yourself—because after all the monster knows best.

I leave you with this.  Is a queen really a Queen if she constantly has to prove and demonstrate that she is Queen…

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