Self-Pity (a poem by Jack)

I wouldn’t expect you to understand

Beautiful people always come… But they never stay…

Taken from me… Either through asylum.. Death… Or just the vicissitudes of fate.. Perhaps it’s all in the timing of it all…

It’s something I’ve gotten used to… But am I supposed to?

As though a glimpse of beauty is all I’m deserving of… A slice of heaven is enough to sustain my essence… Momentarily… Until a vacuum is created…

I’m frail.. Can’t you see?

I need that beauty… Without it.. Well the void fills itself with whatever is accessible..

Memories just happen when you’re alone you know… Sometimes it’s why I run from the solitude.. Can never let the silence catch up to me..

Constantly ducking and dodging the sunset… Drowning out the midnight truths… The quiet echoes just as the revenge reverberates until the whispers amplify into screams…

Neglectful screams…

But I wouldn’t expect you to understand…

I just look up at the stars and some of it begins to make sense… But then I look all around me… And I’m just as bemused as ever…

I don’t even understand it.. So how can I expect you to?

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