Uncaged monkey ( a poem by Jack)

The 100th monkey effect..

Not ready to give something up..


If the host evolves the parasite dies…

I don’t need to live… Just die every day so I can come back and die again!

It’s not order… But it’s harmony.. Like riding on a freeway..

Yet we’re dealing with dualities and opposites..

Misinformed and pleasantries that allow fallacy to go unchecked.. Wrath is in order.. In fact it is the only order.. The purpose that chaos knows best..

In fact let us burn it all… Allow the volcano to erupt.. Allow the magma to destroy everything.. So that we can begin anew.. Start fresh as nutrients risen from the ashes..

Dualities and opposites..

Kill it’s opposite and watch as its lover elevates… Illuminates.. And reinvigorates the truth within us all…

God save the Queen…

Not her at all…

Let us save Our Queen… Let’s resurrect this dead spirit so that we too may be redeemed by her grace..

Quid Pro Quo..

All it takes is for one to change.. The others will fall in line..

Monkey need not see… Need not hear.. Need not say…

Inevitable monkey will do.. The gravitational reality of truth will innately provoke each monkey to do…

Be a good lil monkey….

Give up who you are… And be what you were meant to be forever…

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