Animosity’ s Scapegoat (a poem by Jack)

She utters curses and vitriol…
An avalanche of vile all aimed at me..

Funny thing is… She may be right..
Fate has a cruel way of depicting truth..

Chakras… The path of energy.. Expansion and motion… Sublime feeling…. As on a cloud… Stars bursting and no question is asked..

It’s me versus perception at this point… My body thinks it’s real but all an illusion of the mind…

Say you’ll hate me like no other… I just want something unique: to call my own..

Let my heart pound with the intensity of emanate fear when in your presence… I just wanna be all the way alive…

Curses from all direction… Who but I am chosen to withstand it all… Completely sober… Absorbing… Ingesting the disgust… The animosity is at a pinnacle…Puts me on edge but the come down is so relaxing…

If he knew better he’d do better… That’s the only calming words they can utter…

They shit exactly what you feed em.. A mantra that keeps me sane.. If you don’t feed em they can no longer shove their shit in your face..

It’s all a joke…

They’ll always find a way to shove their shit on you… You just have to be at a far enough distance so that it doesn’t stick..

Let them drown in their own shit.. But for now the filth is all I have to hold on to… All I have keeping alive..

So resume your verbal assault.. You.. You… You… And her…

Eye understand…

And I see…


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