Saturn Rising (a poem by Jack)

It is the beast who creates peace and war…

It is the god who tames the beast..

It is man who gives love to the gods…

Gaze upon this Trinity… From which you are derived… Who will you let dominate who.. Isosceles… Equilateral … Or right angle of who you are or would claim to be..

Perfectly attuned to a chaotic environment… Perfected within imperfection.. Perfectly suited for this environment–but can your beast evolve… Is your god too out of touch with this reality to even care or is man: mediator between the two, too full of himself to arbitrate?

Or perhaps he’s too busy trying to survive to see any light– blinded by his own survival instincts– smothered by all five senses– inundated by your sensations…

Sensations guiding the spirit.. Empty Addictions… Pointless lust… Insatiable greed… Surrogate gods all served by men and man alike…

Is the beast allowing his nuts to drag… Irreverent of any discipline.. Combative to anything outside of licentious wanton.. Perhaps your man suckles from the nectar of the beast’s bosom…

A man who revels in war not peace turning a blind eye to any god of any nature on any level….

And beast usurps god…

As above so below… The body can’t evolve if the setting isn’t adaptable.. The mind defines the reality…

And the beast is at home amongst the shadows..


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