Human Zoo… Country of Apes.. (a blog by Jack)

A few months back I was gifted a trip to Disney World– a very interesting place indeed. It was a weeklong trip, and I was able to spend one of the days at the Safari Park. As I observed the various encaged animals, I found it remarkable that these wild beasts remained so calm. I immediately assumed that the animals had to be sedated– I inquired this of one of the park workers and he quickly assured me that they weren’t. So I asked him how the gorillas remained so calm. He replied, well, we keep them well fed and they generally remain peaceful when they have no needs.

This concept as well as its implications juggled the old marbles. On a basic level, man and ape share similarities. I thought to myself: are humans not so different… These were seemingly wild animals placed in a “cage”(rather limited living arrangement) yet they were able to peacefully cohabitate…

What makes us as humans so different?

Are we not as civil and critically thinking as gorillas?

Can we not respect each other and each other’s space and peace of mind?

Or maybe it’s the “well fed” concept that’s missing. Perhaps it is the fact that we as humans are not all “well fed”, and that keeps this monster called society ticking. Perhaps the fact that we aren’t “well fed” unleashes a savage-primitive nature within us–cultivated, yet still savage. Perhaps the fact that we aren’t “well fed” keeps the economy going.

I have a personal philosophy: “Low self-esteem drives the economy”. Many of top markets within our economy are in direct appeal to man’s vanity (cosmetics, clothing, luxury items, etc.).

Albeit to directly correlate man with a gorilla is a gross oversimplification. And an insult to the complexities of what it means to be a human. To keep a gorilla “well fed” is quite a simple task. It simply depends on having the proper quantity of food and environmental stimulus. On the other hand, keeping a human “well fed” involves a bit more. Most humans (not all) are three tier beings. Beings of mind, body, soul (which houses the individual spirit) — thus to keep a human well fed involves more aspects. Each of these aspects of the human must be addressed– as a trinity they grow hand and hand: lending to each other’s growth through a synergistic reciprocation.

Thus, the fact that man isn’t at peace among man directly speaks to his deprived nutrition in one if not all of these areas.

Without enough physical food we know the length man is willing to go to eat. A man will have no qualms about killing another man over bread– over his livelihood. This can be noted in various mediums of artistic expression– whether it be through movie or song.

Without enough mental stimulation we know the harm that this can do as well. Just take a look at the youth who are under stimulated in school. They often find destructive outlets to manifest these bottled up mental energies– often expressing itself in the destruction of the community or themselves somehow.

The most critical of man’s needs is spiritual food. When fed properly it allows for the other two outlets to be pursued harmoniously– it creates a balance. When man understands the spiritual nature of him-self and begins to develop it on the smallest of scales, his physical and mental energies begin to generate healthy outlets naturally. These mental and physical energies are automatically directed towards spiritual growth– love, benevolence towards others, ingenuity etc. And this is what happens when man simply begins to understand that he is a spiritual being.  A gateway begins to open which actually enacts spiritual growth—which involves so much more (healing aspects, mind over matter, insight, foresight, manifestation, etc.) But without the basic of awareness of who one is these spiritual avenues can never be pursued, or pursued in healthy manner.

So perhaps we aren’t so different from the ape. Another caveat I failed to mention is that the male gorillas were separated from the females. This places too many other variables in the mix– because then the variables of love, desire, and procreation come into play. And these variables would convolute the discussion.  But for simplicity sake, I do believe I made my point.

Perhaps if we as a society received more spiritual nutrition, many of our afflictions would cease to exist.


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