Nihilist caterpillar

Perhaps chaos isn’t the answer you were looking for…

In all your search you were left hopeless and in despair.. You thought destruction was the only viable solution…

To butcher and slay a system that has hurt you and so many others..

But think outside the pain, and allow yourself to become as the butterfly..

She too, is a product of something quite ugly and putrid… An aesthetically horrific organism to witness.. She too wants to destroy this ugly and she does so… 

Yet not through chaos but transfiguration.. She embraces herself… Succumbs to herself… Entraps and enthrall herself.. Suffocates herself within the ugly.. Buries herself so far into the ugly that she sacrifices herself to the ugly… She dies and doesn’t awaken until she understands the ugly… And upon awakening she shifts her paradigm and redefines what the ugly is… 

Creating a silky cocoon to fortify all outside influence..

Gently crafting the ugly until the ugly becomes beautiful… A beauty that liberates.. Colorful.. And free to float uninhibited…free to love in a final worth being well pleased..

Anarchy destroys all the work great minds have built.. Let greater minds destroy through reconstruction and evolution…

And just maybe our chaos can beautify the universe… On each plane possible..

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