2 sun (a poem by Jack)

A regurgitation of sentiments…

My own angle used against me, that’s right.. A mirror reflection … As so… Perpendicular to the truth you stand erect..

Eye to eye your gaze does not fail…nor does mine..

a days worth of residue to let off my chest…

And you choose to listen… And ironically enough I understand why fools choose to speak..

So I speak.. I purge.. And my purge is not so much a purge but a self-reflection gone awry…

Obtusely i ponder, with no answer, to a self proposed riddle…

An acute mind’s question an obtuse circle of emotion.. Animosity for animosity’s sake..

A rage with no purpose and a disguised origin.. A rage that one time was prepubescent and harmless but now has chest hairs and a full mane…itching to mame whoever, whenever for whatever reason…

Let us not provoke that which remains at slumber….

And to you I leak this emotion.. To you I discuss why.. And I see myself.. As a mirror.. As though were self reflection by way of another…

The sun rises.. But a second sun can be seen faintly in the distance.. Yet we attribute all the glory to that which is forthright… Yet that which remains has all the might..

As I purge I learn… As I’m inspired, I aspire… To allow my second sun the inundate… And outshine the emotion of any situation.. And let the true power reflect… And express true sentiment…

Each angle of light.. Refracting a pure truth…


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