Rooted in Shit….(a poem by boy Jack)

I saw a saddening flower.. Starting to wilt… My first instinct was to save the poor soul…

Water.. Resoil… Replant…proper sunlight..

But none of these inclinations inclined me to act…

I just wanted to watch and observe…eventually my empathy turned to apathy..

How can you let yourself wilt…look at me! I triumphed through the concrete.. A rose by any other name.. And believe you me… They called me every name in the book…

But that lil boy wilted despite my best efforts…  I even offered to take the child’s place…

Surprisingly so… He took the offer…

 As fate would allow… We acquiesced…

I found myself on a slow decline… Trapped within a vortex.. Quicksand.. The more I struggled the deader I became..

I spoke all that shit…and none of it is worth taking root in…

I’m wilting and no one can save me… At least that lil boy is doing fine for himself now… But how do I save me?

How do I save me….


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