Meninist –joke in jest or a spit in the face of humanity…(a blog by Jack)

A pseudo-popular cult-like phenomenon that has gone relatively viral, it is a means to poke satirical fun at the feminist movement through pointing out “ironies” that men have to go through. It is meant to be taken in jest, and those who self-proclaim them-selves as meninist always claim that it is not to be taken seriously. It is meant as a joke pointing out the difficulties men have to go through in this politically correct stringent society.

Although, I do see the point that these men are making—we live in a hyper-sensitive “pc” society that protects any and everyone—why don’t men get equal protection? In particular—white males—those who presumably developed the idea, because that is who is seen mostly propagating this meninist “movement”. And there lies the majority of the problem. Not only does it undermine the struggles of a particular group of people, it makes light of their issues. And believe me, I get it, it’s just a joke bro: chill-out! Yes, not only does it make light of another group of people’s plight it makes a joke out of it.

This concept in itself is quite disconcerting, but it is of no surprise. Making fun of people is seemingly human nature. And in a lot of ways, it is how we, as humans, cope with our differences. We tend to make fun of it as a shield to understanding it. This concept I am quite familiar with, but the meninist movement does not stop there. It goes a step further—it then puts itself as the victim. The same group of people who have conquered this country, established the laws in this country, control the majority of major industry in this country, who propagate the media in this country, who dominate this country social-politically are now claiming to be the victim.

This is where the whole meninist movement took a turn from harmful fun, to me, to exceedingly damaging and quite a slap in the face. It’s as though, a particular group of people are saying—hey we don’t have enough supremacy, you guys over there are making too much sense and being too logical standing up for yourselves—look over here, we’re victims too. And as much as I’d like to even joke that I was a meninist, and as much as I believe feminist take their ideals way too far, I could never support such an agenda. I would not dare dignify it with a laugh. Because if I did, I’d be laughing at all of my ancestors who were hung from trees because of the same “Sense of entitlement” these meninist feel they deserve. This manifest destination that they have enacted on American Society and have convinced us all is the only means of living.

I do not see this as a joke, but a surriptious means of undermining any and all injustices put forth by this particular classification of people: a patriarchal-white establishment. 


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