Ensnared (a poem by Jack Quepid)


Within the snare of narrow fingers– A coercive touch and slender bars of seduction..

Inside of her palm..

My current abode… It’s where my affection and thoughts reside..

No place like home… And when you are enprisoned long enough.. Even hell can feel like home..

But this ain’t hell… Yet, I’m equally obliged.. Ordained a life sentence.. Sharing a jail cell with blind emotion and raw passion…

Veterans in the game… They rape my soul nightly…daily.. In the shower.. Wherever they see fit…Thrusting … Ravaging… Justifying…

I really can’t stop thinking about her..

But who can lift this life sentence.. Remove this curse… 

What did I do to justify such torment?

An inhumane punishment I wouldn’t wish on my worst of foes..

I’m having a panic attack… Confined to this little box… I’m restricted.. I’m claustrophobic.. And without her presence my mind races a million sulks per minute.. 

A thousand sighs per second…

I hate love if this is all it has to offer…

But I can’t say I haven’t been here before.. And because of that I don’t qualify for parole…

No man has successfully escaped this island… And in my mind’s eye.. I can’t see why one would..

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