You haven’t won yet… (A poem by Jack)

Public flogging…

Ceremonial execution…

My heads in the gallows for all to witness.. For all to caste blame.. Vicariously living their fears through me.. Vicariously atoning for their sins through me…

Emasculated and left to rot..

A strange fruit… Left to dangle from a tree..

The wind goes to and fro… Not saying much… But whispering to the witnesses.. As my limp body sways with the rthymm of the night..

I tried love once.. We didn’t so much mix… Like vinegar and water.. I vowed never to see her again..

A devil with a smile she was..

Yet she lured me in yet again..  I knew it couldn’t be different… But I just felt it would be… 

She just let me know I don’t deserve her… She really didn’t want me… Just wanted to ensure that she still had me…

I told her that would be the last time…

She just smiled… And said “sure”…


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