An Uncle’s love (a poem by Jack)

Packed my bags and ran away from it all… To you….

You promised everything would be alright…

You told me if I wrapped myself in your arms… Emerged myself in your world… And just let go of the past everything would be alright..

I didn’t need my family… You were all the love I needed..

You made me call you uncle..

Eventually after years within your reign… I eventually forgot about where I came from.. But I hurt so much now.. It makes me wonder where I came from..

It makes me question why I’m here.. Is this why I packed my thoughts and ran away to..

I should have known it would come with a price… You sought me out and played on my vulnerabilities… You knew I’d have to pay back that debt one way or another….

And you knew I didn’t have the one way… So it’d be the other..

It cost me everything I once knew and took for granted.. Everything that was once sacred, has now been shed like reptile skin…

My words don’t speak no more… My body don’t dance no more.. It’s whored out for your profit… My sight doesn’t even see clearly anymore.. Just a haze and a fog..

My brain’s chumped up on opiates… And my mind is barely reconciled enough to articulate these thoughts..

I’m tired… I’m so far tired..

Malnutritioned.. Deprived of something… Of Anything… All around me I hear stories.. Same sad song.. Different melody… 

We’re all just tired… We came to you because we believed in you…

And even now your soul is rottened out to the core… Eaten alive by miscreants, thieves, snakes and liars..

And now we’re left in the snakes den to fend for our selves… To die generation after generation.. Living for nothing but the hope that one day we’ll remember how it once was…

Until then we will die everyday like it’s our last… And live for the momentary pleasures you have to offer… Without the pleasures of the flesh we would have nothing…

So in actuality we have never had anything… We’re tired… Maybe one day we’ll be fed up!

And maybe then we may pack our bags and run from you…

But to where? 

Hopefully back to the love we should have never left…

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