To Think is to Know (a poem by Jack)

I think therefore I am..

Without a trace of k(no)w longer exist..

A pity, without man… There is no God to worship…

None to harvest prayers,

None to withhold energies,

None to accumulate the interest upon intention stored…Yes, as a bank would– you collect, store and make interest from the intentions of my prayers…

And I always assumed my prayers landed on def ears–the truth is much worse…

I voluntarily spoke but with misconception, you simply took advantage of my intention..

Why do that from without, with what can be done from within..

The source is always within–the core…

Names and titles, I give credit to titles because names are too fickle..

Names do not tell the full story, but a title is the perfect descriptor.. Only that which can fulfill the role can fulfill the title..

Human Rights and dignity.. Dignity by design..

You either create your bed or you destroy it,

Eventually we all have to rest our heads…

Hope, and Blood Moon Sacrifice..

Affliction by the all mighty…

let the Messengers speak to you—or through you..

Your responsibility is a blessing, not a burden as they would lead you to believe..

Awaken and Think!

When you do not apply you freedoms correctly your blessings dry up..

So think!

Never allow an idiot to impose and sacrifice your thought for their motives..

Awaken and Think!

With thought you can organize and express your free will.

And that can never be stripped…because human rights and dignity are endowed from the infinite..

That from which you were derived from..

So Think! Just Think….

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