Trismegitus’ Queen (a poem by Jack)

Since She,

I have become such a well-rounded individual…

Tapped into many more emotions—both past and present,

At times you can’t gain wisdom and discernment by seeing, you have to actually feel. To feel is to know, and to know is to absolve fear!

And I feel so much, I’m like a modern-aged Buddha. Currently a mal-nutritioned psyche…

Know All

See All

Feel All

What better sense of Trismegistus?

A Prophet, I am, so I know and feel acutely…

A Poet, I am, so I articulate and convey…

A Prince, I am, so I lead through virtue of anointing…

I listen to the Wind’s sorrow, I can hear the demons cry too…It’s in the music (listen softly and you too may hear) They feel abandoned and only seek refuge… Most accept their fate but some act out, in frustration…

Wouldn’t you too, if your source abandoned you? All that you knew casted you out and refused to acknowledge you as a worthy form of existence. As though you aren’t worth saving, just nothingness that is meant to suffer for eternity…

You still have the breath of life, so be still..

Would you still praise God, if your heart beat was taken away…And you could never come home…

Be Glad She chose you, and be glad you know She…


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