Lady Caprice (a poem by Jack)

She weeps tears of anguish, an unrelenting toil…

A burden she carries with her, a burden that is as stubborn as the curls of her hair..

A spiral-cylindrical force that utilizes momentum to sustain itself, and what exactly is her momentum? Rather her motivation?

Some may see her as a wild child, others a bit of a wild seed and still others respect her as a “free spirit”..

But this is merely a half truth, yes it is true that she can never be tamed… She doesn’t even have loyalty to her own emotion, you can imagine how difficult it is for her to remain true to the soul of another… She could never be bound, you may use guilt to tie her down and beat her into submission, great lashes bearing down on her conscious leave her unphased.  She endures despite and sees it as added fuel.

She’s unrefined, crude but she doesn’t mind, I’m not even sure if she realizes it… She epitomizes self-esteem–she loves herself and rejects the judgement of others..

Truth is, she is running…she running from what? I don’t know…but commitment is nothing she intends to seek…

So her tears are not for her own pain, but for yours and the broken hearts she leaves in her path.  She is a woman on a mission and no one can detour her.  And sadly enough her mission does not involve love, but a sense of self discovery…

And sadly enough these tears she she’s under the moonlight, are not enough to stop the pain… the pain you will endure from her caprice… as the wind she came… brushed up up against your essence… and as the wind she shall leave…

Without a trace…

Fret naught..for she may return one day… who knows when?

But she may… and more than likely you will receive her…

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