Funny Mirrors (a poem by Jack)

Do not be dumb..

You cannot approach a mirror in aims of altering its image..

It is but a reflection…

It is yourself who needs be changed; you are so focused on the projection that you’ve forgotten the truth of the projector.

A conglomerate of dreams, aspirations, stars, thoughts, love and cosmic energy beamed into a prism and refracted to create a visage—a woman, a man.

You are that result. But of course you can’t see it. Because everything you see in the mirror is backwards.

It’s a reflection dumb, dumb!

What appears right is really left. So what’s up may very well be down. And as above certainly is below. So who are you exactly? What is your vision? And may you show me your purpose?

Or perhaps it’s all arbitrary in the long run. Perhaps it’s only subjectivity and self-preservation you operate out of. Maybe there is not a war goin on outside no man is safe from. Maybe what you see is what you get…Perhaps we’re all just mad men in a mad world, defining our reality anyway that our mind sees fit in an attempt to reconcile reality with our perceptions, attempting to ease the minds in aims to survive in a world in which our lives in actuality mean absolutely nothing.

Yah…that’s it!

There is no duality. The man in the mirror slowly becomes the illusion..he slowly fades into oblivion…and what’s left is all that matters.

The refraction of a reflection of worlds past.

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