Moon balance [part 2] the intermission (a poem by Jack)

I’m too fickle… Lord knows I wasn’t always this way..

Thoughts washing up on the surface of my consciousness and washing away with the whims of my tide..
As a boy I was grounded in something.. The confidence of nascent possibilities..Wisdom’s Whispers.. Now suffering from the dementia of failure I can hardly gather my self…
I grab hold of a handful of consciousness but it drips through the cracks of my fingers..
Waves crash.. Smiles show..
Waves retract.. Tears glow… Bioluminescence… Retracting to prepubescence.. Just a boy..
I was just a boy all along… Nothing more nothing less.. Wearing the shell of a man.. But the waves crashed and chipped away at that obdurate exterior…
Cry lil boy… Run to your mummy.. Hope Mother Earth wraps you in her bosom and tells you all will be alright..
Hard concrete and lack of bed sheets tell the story.. A crook in my back that won’t go away tells the story..
But mommy dearest did reveal the most sacred of truths..the most sincerest of streams.. And temporary uneasiness can’t compare to peace of mind..
I ran out of patience.. My temperament is volatile.. My Holy Spirit’s sweet melancholy has been drowned out by the crashing.. It’s the waves they are too loud… It’s the waves.. They won’t subside.. It’s my moon that’s out of balance… My sun shines bright, but my moon…
My damn moon…

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