Sublime… Words[stream of consciousness] (a poem by Jack)



Adam and Eve Snake
Demon with virgin…
Last Supper
Garden of gethsamane
The East Wing
Justify my life
Trail of evil– satan expresses himself through people
The origin of fear
Light vs. Dark
Don’t question, they depend on your fear, and strip you of your identity…
Mandingo– fear
Lesbianism–innocence corrupted through darkness
Infidelity –Wife
Fucking–the tree of life (barren)
Maybe if you spent your whole life worrying, then your life will only have meaning when what you fear becomes real…
The Dark unknown
Tree of life– on the black man’s chest
You gave jurisdiction over your freedom..
Brother..represents..conscious duality of man…
Swallows up by own fears.. Devoid of spirituality only living with fears..
Eventually has function but with no animation…a zombie..
Mutilated white nurse–love— his spirit that he took root in…   
As Jesus did.. Self termination…
The only answer…

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