Jack’s Beatitudes

This is but a train stop..

A means of energy communion..
A holographic meeting of souls.. Through illusory portrayal of the mind..
No where near the end all be all.. But a space to learn, grow, and share..
They call me Trismegistus..
I come from many moons away… I came and went on many occasions for there are those who still seek me.. Who seek the way of those before me…
I tell you this… Fear not and do not give into capitulation of the mind.. The soul’s fortress is not impregnable nor is the mind.. Vipers attack by any means because they gain life through desolation..
Guard your energies… And do not leave this time before you gather all you came for, or else you will return until you have what you need in order to leave.. Cycles are hell, and can slowly become prison…
Open your eyes and see that which can not be seen..
Open your ears and hear that which is subtle…
Open your mind to the prophets.. Open your heart to the righteous… And allow your soul to provide the way..
This is but a transit stop.. Not the ultimate destination..

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