Soul’s Precession (a poem by Jack)

Energy is the only thing in this world you can’t get rid of…

A stench that hovers..
Or an aura.. Sweet, savory, enticing..
The human stain..
Residual energies.. Shared.. Gathered.. Increased.. Devoured..
Energy is the only currency.. Attention is the most accessible means of payment…
Fiat currency.. Dead dollars.. Green magic on empty paper… To convince nothingness is everything is a grand illusion… To exchange all you have for nothing… Is the definition of tragedy…
If nothing makes the world go round.. Where are we truly going.. Where are we headed? 
Time keeps spinning and spinning… 
Don’t you ever feel trapped… Perhaps your energies are best suited to be directed elsewhere…
The identity of a soul is what? Love can’t be seen but its symptoms are never curable… Death can be seen but where the soul goes is a speculation of the mind… 
So I lie down every day.. Like Seth Or Seta.. Seeking death and finding.. Only realizing death is but a doorway.. A doorway my energy steps through like the cycle of the sun.. Everyday I rise only to be forgotten from a time before… Everyday I rise.. Only to seek solace because time knows no constraints… Because time’s body is no more real than the heaven I once sought..
Time is money.. And death is renewal…energy is everything.. And vibes teach lessons..
Listen to the rthymmn of my heart.. Know the vibe of my energy and what lesson I am learning..

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