the way is watching (a poem by Jack)

Perspective it but gained and lost from lifetime to lifetime.. The only consistency is the breath..

I need no permission to love what I love..
The only animation of brain and body alike is but the breath.. Conjoined by the breath.. Awakened by the breath..
Euphoria is but the cosmic Union of brain and body.. A soul is but a vehicle of the spirit…and breath is the spirits only construct.. Light communicates and binds… But breath sets us free…
Listen to the light.. The solar speech of ancestry is quite direct…
Feel the blades of grass along the bottom of your feet… Palms up.. Allow the stars glow to warm your flesh…ease your mind… Cut off your thoughts(because they aren’t yours)…and let truth resonate..
If you are both eternal and mortal let eternity be you… If you are but mortal pray for forgiveness to your creator and perhaps you may live a bit longer.. Time is but a desire..
And I need no apologies for what I love.. Because what I love is of me.. And to vibrate with what is of me is only natural…
Do not follow my way.. Make your own..for we are headed to the same place .. Some quicker than others.. Some dieing along the way…

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